FREE: Yoga – It’s Totally Possible

I absolutely love yoga. I feel stronger yet more flexible, calmer still with a side of sassy, and more at peace when I start my day with yoga. My yoga journey started back around 2002 when I picked up the MTV Yoga DVD featuring a member of The Real World show. That class helped me open my hips and reduce back pain. Since that first attempt at yoga, I found a local yoga studio and have a list of my favorite local teachers. I also practiced yoga in various studios, on Times Square in NYC, in hotel rooms, and around our home. Now that I’m focusing on reducing my expenses without causing harm to my body, I found that a short daily yoga practice each morning works perfectly.

I believe that yoga is accessible to so many bodies with an endless list of benefits. However, yoga might not always be accessible to every budget. With yoga classes costing between $10 and $20 each class, it might be difficult to attend many, if any, in person classes. However there are so many FREE resources that simply cannot go unmentioned. My local area actually has 10 weeks of FREE yoga at a park near the river each Saturday! Here are my top 4 FREE yoga resources to get you moving and feeling your best self!

YogaDownload – 1,600+ FREE CLASSES are available via your favorite podcast app, their website, and their own app. #GoYourOmWay

Do Yoga With Me – FREE yoga classes, tutorials, meditations, yoga challenges, and more.

Yoga with Adrienne – Located on YouTube, Yoga with Adrienne has become the perfect spot for beginners.

Fightmaster Yoga – Located on YouTube with a new class published each Monday there is a wide variety for level, time, and what you need in the moment.

Do you have an at home practice? If so, what all do you use? For me I need a sticky yoga mat and two yoga blocks along with a small Bluetooth speaker to stream a class directly from my phone.

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