Finding Discounts – Gym Membership and Saving $$$

I love running and I love training with a trainer. Two years ago when I started my no-spend year (now years) I made it a point that fitness is a top priority. I would forego the Spotify membership in an effort cut expenses/save money/pay off debt without hesitation. But the gym membership, running shoes, and trainer were non-negotiable items. I feel so strongly that maintaining my health is a requirement to maintaining a minimalist lifestyle and sustainable debt pay off journey that I refused to give fitness up in 2019 and I continue to refuse to give it up in 2020.

Flash forward to June 2020 where I did place my gym membership on hold because I truly was not using the membership. Paying $50 a month membership made no sense to me when accessing a trainer was the same price with or without the gym membership. Placing the membership on hold did make sense. I have honestly missed it a little bit without having the access to a couple leg machines post run to help me recover as well as a treadmill during the summer down pouring rain.

dumbbells on floor

Just last week I made a huge switch. I switched trainers which required that I switch gyms. In setting up a training schedule with my new trainer, she mentioned about joining the gym for a discount if I had Blue Cross insurance. She explained that the front desk team could help me get set up for a discounted membership. This discounted membership would be 42% less than what I was paying before.

The front desk team explained what I needed to do. First, I had to reach out to my Blue Cross company and ask if I had a wellness benefit for Fit & Active or Tivity. The kind customer service rep showed me where to locate that information on the Blue Cross website. I did in fact have the Tivity benefit! For $29 per month, I have access to the gym with my new trainer as well as 6 other local gyms within 15 minutes of my house plus over 10,000 gyms nationwide. If I want to go for a swim, I can go to the local YMCA as part of this membership. If I hear about a class at another local gym, I can check it out as part of this membership. I also have access to virtual classes through my membership!

I always heard about people using their health insurance for discounts. I just thought it was a unicorn. You hear about it but never see it happen.

How to Save the $29 Enrollment Fee at Tivity:

  1. Enter this referral number in the coupon code at check out: 2300-1098-5868-7291
  2. After you are a member for 2 months, I do receive a free month.

Switching to the Tivity membership not only saved me money but switching trainers also saved me money. After my first workout with my new trainer, I don’t feel that I’m getting lower quality. I really feel that work out yesterday! Old gym trainer was $62 per week for 2 sessions. New gym trainer is $53 per week for 2 sessions. Assuming that I train 50 weeks a year and pay for a monthly gym membership for 12 months, I saved $775 per year by making this change!

What have you changed lately to save money but found that you are seeing even greater value?

4 thoughts on “Finding Discounts – Gym Membership and Saving $$$

  1. I was looking for some new workout DVDs. Instead, I found an online fitness program that included 16 different workouts, a pre-planned workout schedule, a nutrition program, hundreds of recipes and an online forum. It cost less than the DVDs, didn’t involve any plastic waste (a big motivation for me), and gave me something to commit to and focus on.

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