Update: Operation Staycation 2020

Today is currently Sunday and it is day 9 of our Operation Staycation 2020 adventures. While I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow morning, I have to admit that I haven’t been more relaxed after a vacation than this one. Yesterday Mr. BMM and I were chatting about how much fun we had trying new restaurants and getting outside more. We actually did follow the Operation Staycation 2020 rules… mostly.

  1. No household chores. Not going to dust, vacuum, mop, or clean anything except a mess we might make. The first exception is grocery shopping. We still would have went to the grocery store once to stock up the hotel fridge and then again for home when we returned. I am still on the fence with laundry. If I don’t do it twice a week, it’s a lot more effort come the weekend. I might make laundry my second exception.
  2. No official work business. I’m not checking emails or checking in with coworkers on projects.
  3. Go to new places. Usually we do not have a chance to hike local state parks during the workweek. A staycation mid-week hike counts as something new. We also have plans to go to a mid-week farmer’s market/flea market and rides on the motorcycle.
  4. Live like we are retired. We are doing what we would do if we were retired! Since I recently caught the FIRE bug, I’m going to use our staycation as a mini trial.
  5. Say yes to adventure. I’m going to say yes to any adventure for 7 days straight. You might want to check out my instagram account for those pictures!
  6. Computer is only used for writing. Recently I have been spending way too much time staring at a computer for work and struggled to find time to write.

Looking back, we sure did a lot of fun things this past week. I might even suggest doing another staycation next year if the killer hornets reappear. We spent about $250 plus gas for this week. We saved close to $1,700 by staying home (and because so many things are still closed)!!! But I still don’t think that we lost out on anything by staying home.

Day 1: Saturday – The first day of vacation is usually spent packing to leave on Monday. We like to go for 5 days and have the weekends to prepare and relax. Rather than packing we went for a walk when the weather app claimed there was 40% chance of rain. We got caught in the rain. No one melted. We laughed it off and kept on walking because we could see the end of the rain.

We also spent some time with Mr. BMM’s family at a cousin’s first holy communion party. Great conversations, nice weather, and good times were had by all.

Day 2: Sunday – We went for a motorcycle ride with friends to an awesome BBQ restaurant with some beautiful outdoor seating along a creek. No rain this time.

Day 3: Monday – Rather than spending hours in the car, Mr. BMM went into work for extra overtime. He wants to build his savings account. I packed up my car with my bicycle, a small cooler of snacks, a bathing suit, and headed to World’s End State Park. This is my most favorite place to hike. I hiked, I rode my bike around the park, and I spent time near the creek reading.

Day 4: Tuesday – Mr. BMM went in for another day of extra overtime but we had time to go for a walk at night. During the day, I packed my car up again to head for a run along the main street in Jim Thorpe. Google got me lost because a main road was closed and Google couldn’t figure out how to get around this situation. While I was slightly lost, I found a great trail to run along the Lehigh Gorge. Beautiful, peaceful, and cool. Afterwards I finally made it to Jim Thorpe just to find out that the stores are all closed on Tuesday.

The best part about Tuesday was me accepting a part time job at Sport Clips. Prior to going to college and getting into massive amounts of debt, I went to school for cosmetology and paid off 80% of that debt in less than 5 years. It’s been nearly 12 years since I spent time behind the chair but I missed it. I crushed my interview hair cuts and was promptly offered a job. I will be working a 6th day each week but my goals of being debt free could certainly use this extra money. Glad that I continued to keep my license active. I always knew deep down that I needed to go back and be creative.

Day 5: Wednesday – Hometown Farmer’s Market and Flea Market here we come! Mr. BMM is a sucker for ribs. He started eating a whole rack of ribs at 8:30am. It’s vacation, why not??? During our visit I picked up two doughnuts for our burger challenge. I crushed it!

Day 6: Thursday – Basic life day. I needed to do a load of laundry and pick up my grocery order. However, in the spirit of Operation Staycation 2020, we checked out a new to us restaurant for dinner.

For every vacation we go on, I pick up a Christmas ornament. Mr. BMM laughs that we will need more trees but I think we are good so far. I ordered a cute Staycation 2020 ornament on Etsy.

Day 7: Friday – Basically a rain day. In typical vacation fashion, we usually have one day where we just chill in the hotel and relax most of the day. Since the weather was cold and rainy, we turned on the oven and made ribs. I know we totally broke my No Oven Summer Rule but it was totally worth it! This was 100% better than packing up the car and getting stuck in traffic on our way home.

Day 8: Saturday – We went for a run together along a nice local trail. Part of his birthday present was a gift certificate to a local running shoe store. Mr. BMM finally picked out some replacement shoes. Then we headed into the woods, got lost, but then finally found a beautiful swimming hole to relax. Afterwards we met up with a friend for dinner. Lots of fresh air.

Day 9: Sunday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. BMM! So far Mr. BMM wanted to go for a motorcycle ride and bicycle ride. After our bicycle ride, I took a detour to a local bakery to pick up a couple birthday treats for Mr. BMM. He is a sucker for sweats. Not sure about the rest of the day. I’m waiting for him to get back from his motorcycle ride.

My blog posts will return to normal this up coming week. Glad that I took some time to relax. After going through this pandemic (still going through it) and the threat of losing my job (because of the pandemic), it has been a stressful couple of months. I know that it could be worse but it could be better. It was still stressful for me. This Operation Staycation 2020 was the perfect recipe to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Lots of pictures posted on Instagram. Check them out!

5 thoughts on “Update: Operation Staycation 2020

  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your pictures on Instagram this week. I also buy a Christmas ornament when we go on a family trip. I hadn’t thought of a Staycation ornament. LOL

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