Plastic Free July

Adios plastic wrap! Mr. BMM just had to deal with a situation where you would have worked but instead he opted for foil (because I hid the plastic wrap).

Anyone want a half used box of plastic wrap?

blue labeled plastic bottles

I am so inspired by all of the blog posts and Instagram pictures supporting plastic free July. The grocery packaging and plastic bags as part of grocery pick up are my biggest struggle right now. Everything seems to get a plastic bag when you do grocery pick up. Bananas get a plastic bag. Oranges get a plastic bag. And then the bananas and oranges are put in another plastic bag!

I recycle the bags but I just wish there was an alternative like “refuse” the plastic bags! It would save businesses money and it would probably spare me a grey hair or two. I mean it’s a total win-win in my opinion.

Since grocery pick up is right now the best way for me to get groceries I decided to list other ways I embrace plastic free July.

  • Glass water bottle is my side kick. I never leave home without it.
  • Farmers markets are totally cool with not using plastic bags. They get the whole environmental thing plus it saves them money.
  • Reusable food storage containers. While the tops are all plastic, the bottoms are glass. Makes me feel half better than using 100% plastic.
  • Buying as many single ingredient items. While yes, bananas are currently double bagged in plastic, I attempt to purchase things that don’t need to be in plastic.
  • Make food at home. 2020 seems to be the year of sourdough bread and more people learning to cook at home. I always thought it was more fun, tastier, and cheaper. Welcome to the cool side!
  • Steel straws. I’m all about preserving my smile lines for actual smiles, sometimes I need a straw. When that happens, I have a steel straw ready. When we go back to restaurants (maybe in 2050… jk… maybe), I’m going to pack some steel straws in my fanny pack.
  • Buy less stuff. I’m currently debating over a $10 Bluetooth speaker made with plastic. The debate is going use $10 to replace something that is broken that I use on a regular basis or save $10 to pay off debt because I can literally use headphones or turn up the speaker on my phone. This whole no spend 2019 and 2020 has really cute back on my plastic since I’m not shopping.
  • Toothpaste tablets. Just started using these amazing toothpaste tablets and OMG! I love them. They are TSA approved because they aren’t liquid. Easy to travel. Works great.

What is your most favorite plastic free thing?

4 thoughts on “Plastic Free July

  1. So glad to hear you’re taking on the challenge. It has opened my eyes that I am doing really well in most areas but food packaging is still a problem. Bananas in plastic wrap? That’s one trend that hasn’t caught on here, thank goodness.

    My favourite plastic-free item is my shampoo bar. I wish I had discovered it years ago!

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    1. Thank you! At the grocery store they put the bananas in one of those flimsy plastic bags.

      I’m looking into the shampoo and conditioner bars. I’m a shampoo bottle away!

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      1. That is so strange. Bananas are the one thing in the produce department that have NEVER been in plastic here and still aren’t, even with all the COVID restrictions.

        I can’t wait to hear what you think about the shampoo bars!

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