Operation Staycation 2020

With all things 2020, global pandemic, killer hornets, and possibly aliens right around the corner, we decided to have a staycation this summer. We are focusing on what we are gaining rather than focusing on what we are losing. Sure we don’t get to check out a new place this year. We don’t have to pack up the car and pup. But we are taking steps to make our Staycation a total vacation.

  1. No household chores. Not going to dust, vacuum, mop, or clean anything except a mess we might make. The first exception is grocery shopping. We still would have went to the grocery store once to stock up the hotel fridge and then again for home when we returned. I am still on the fence with laundry. If I don’t do it twice a week, it’s a lot more effort come the weekend. I might make laundry my second exception.
  2. No official work business. I’m not checking emails or checking in with coworkers on projects.
  3. Go to new places. Usually we do not have a chance to hike local state parks during the workweek. A staycation mid-week hike counts as something new. We also have plans to go to a mid-week farmer’s market/flea market and rides on the motorcycle.
  4. Live like we are retired. We are doing what we would do if we were retired! Since I recently caught the FIRE bug, I’m going to use our staycation as a mini trial.
  5. Say yes to adventure. I’m going to say yes to any adventure for 7 days straight. You might want to check out my instagram account for those pictures!
  6. Computer is only used for writing. Recently I have been spending way too much time staring at a computer for work and struggled to find time to write.
low light photography of stacked luggage

Some benefits to this staycation is using less of the budgeted amount. We will still have breakfast and lunch at home like we would have on vacation. Our staycation week might be the first and only week that I’m going to agree to eating out for dinner for a full week. In addition to saving money, we are going to save time. Last year our trip home took a solid 9 hours when in fact it should have been closer to 6 hours.

Operation Staycation starts in 3…. 2…. 1!

fireworks illustration

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