Personal Freedom

Where did BMM go? I am here!!! I got some news this weekend that was bitter sweet and completely blocked my mind from writing. See for the past 26 years (yep it started when I was a small child) I have been trying to break away from some really bad people. On July 4th, I found my own personal freedom. I cried, I celebrated, I cried some more, I got angry, I got sad, I got happy. See some people are lucky to have family. Others have family that becomes a toxic burden. If you are lucky to have family, please stop pressing those that don’t have “family” to feel the same way you do about your family. It just won’t happen.

Blood related family does not always mean family. Just because some DNA is shared does not mean I would pick some of these people to be my friends. After struggling for 26 years, it finally ended. I broke it off. What I learned on July 4th will never be forgotten. It will never be forgiven. It will never happen again.

All along it was really hard to have a lot of friends. Most people either hide this stuff well or don’t have to deal with the same things. There is a whole lot of judgment going on out there. I kept my friend list very, very short because at any moment the blood family could destroy my day/week/year. The friends I do have always knew what could happen. I love those friends!

Now I have a whole lot of free time to invite more amazing people into my life. People I wanted to be closer friends with but afraid that they would find out about my past are now possibilities. Because honestly you can accept me as a person without family outside Mr. BMM or not. I really don’t care.

If minimalism taught me one thing, it’s to let go of the bullshit and build a life you always dreamed off. Maybe it isn’t really minimalism but that’s what I learned along this journey. I also learned that I love going on adventures more than buying things. I love spending time with the people. I love cooking from scratch. I love seeing Mr. BMM smile at the kitchen table after trying a new recipe. I love having puppy snuggles. I love reading books on the front porch. I love finding fanny pack friends. I love having adventures with old friends. And I can’t wait to have adventures with new friends.

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