Oops. I Shopped.

Over the past 18 months, I have been on a no shopping ban. It has been wildly successful by getting my finances on track to build an emergency fund, fund a Roth-IRA, and pay off debt. And things were going great. Yesterday I shopped. I did not shop from my approved shopping list or from my list of essential items. Yesterday I bought a white hat for running.

Why? Because running with a black hat in the middle of summer because my hair isn’t long enough to completely go up and it’s too long to leave down is just way too hot. I got overheated on a run because I did not want to cheat on my no-spend year. I made a smart choice when I shopped. I opted for the least expensive lightest weight white hat with some added airflow. I spent $23 on a new hat.

I don’t have any buyers remorse. I don’t feel bad. I just felt that I needed to be open and transparent about what happened. I’m still on track to save more money again this month. Check back in a couple of days when I crunch the numbers!

5 thoughts on “Oops. I Shopped.

  1. It’s a nice hat! Hardly a frivolous spend. You bought it to help you do something that’s good for your health and that’s cool. I have the same view about single-use plastic. I avoid it as much as possible but there are some things that I won’t DIY…like sunscreen and toothpaste. 🙂

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  2. I ended up buying a Buff headband which also works well for hair that is too short but also too long!!! My hair is in that stage, too, right now. But it also helps me with sweat and wearing glasses…

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