Life After Cancelling Amazon Prime

About 10 days ago I cancelled Amazon Prime. I started to see that it truly was not benefiting us. Rather than haphazardly reordering items on Amazon Prime, I started actually price comparing. Take for example banana chips. I spent $21.99 on a 5 pound bag on Amazon. After taking an extra couple of minutes, I found the exact same banana chips on the company’s website for $17.99. If I spent $50, I would receive free shipping. Banana chips are shelf stable so I ordered three bags for free shipping and saved $12 on these three bags by not shopping on Amazon.

Next I needed to replace my running shoes. Since the last pair of running shoes I bought on Amazon were questionable in authenticity, I found a pair on the companies website for just about the same price as Amazon with free shipping and 100% authentic. The upside is that I shouldn’t find myself paying for physical therapy because my running shoes caused me pain.

And then I needed more cocoa powder and pumpkin seeds. Amazon charged me $22.99 for a two pound bag of cocoa while the actual company’s site charged me $18.99. For the pumpkin seeds Amazon charged me $16.99 and the company’s site charged me $14.99. Again I needed to purchase $50 or more for free shipping. All of these items are shelf stable. I saved $10 by purchasing on the company’s site.

And then we needed a new water filter for our refrigerator. Amazon charges about $45 per filter. I found a website that sells generic water filters. I was able to order 2 water filters for $32. Talk about some savings! I saved $58!

In total I saved $80 in one week by shopping on company websites rather than shopping on Amazon plus I saved $2.30 for not paying for Amazon Prime ($120 annually = $2.30 weekly). Yes, I ended up ordering more than what is just needed. However, these are shelf stable items that will be used up and not thrown out. I spent about an hour of my time making these purchases and doing the research. At the end of the day, I saved a significant amount of money.

The eco-friendly side of this change helps me eliminate extra Amazon boxes from purchasing one item at a time. I am also cutting back on emissions from ordering in bulk rather than having items flown across the company one item at a time.

cardboard robot toy on wooden tree

Do you have Amazon Prime? If not, how do you avoid getting sucked into Amazon Prime?

6 thoughts on “Life After Cancelling Amazon Prime

  1. i have found certain “generic” items not to be of the same quality as the “real deal.” the price maybe enticing, yet in the end, i have spent more as i had to get the real deal. my frustration is going to the store and finding they do not have the item i need. it seems to me they are forcing me to go online to purchase items and they complain no one is buying from the stores!

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