Fanny Pack Friendship – Do you Need an Official Minimalist Label?

Mr. BMM is friends with a guy from our gym. Mr. BMM plans for the guy from the gym and his wife to meet up for a motorcycle ride. We start chatting. The guy from the gym’s wife recently ordered a fanny pack. We have only met twice. Is it too early or weird to say that we will be friends forever? Over the past year or so new friends have slowly been coming into my life that seem to be a lot like me. Practically twinning fanny packs is just one example. I feel like it’s nearly a rare species sighting when you find someone that also has a love of the fanny pack due to it’s practical nature.

brown bird

It’s weird living in an area when you are a minimalist. On the day the state reopened all of the mall parking lots were packed. I don’t get it. What happened to getting outside, exercising, spending time with family and friends? I really thought that more people would see how living with less stuff and less on their calendars was beneficial. Maybe there are some people out there. Guess I need to find more fanny pack friends.

How do you find your fanny pack friends in a world full of maximalists?

Finding fanny pack friends is a little bit of a challenge. I don’t tell many people around my area that I am a minimalist. Some people know that I’m working towards paying off debt so I am trying to spend less money but they don’t associate it to minimalism. I guess I found how my area responded when I was vegan. This area isn’t vegan friendly and people tend to give you weird looks and rude comments so why label myself something different. Do I really need a minimalist label? No because I know I’m already cool. Do I really care if others pack their homes full of stuff? Nope, because I’m going to shop their yard sales for some pretty sweet deals if I need something.

If the fanny pack friends are going to slowly come into my life, how do I stay true to my version of minimalism? First, for me is means NO SHOPPING! My years of the shopping life still out number my years of the minimalist life. I see my no shopping ban continuing for the next couple of years. But then I think what if someone gave me $1,000 to spend on anything, what would I buy. I would put it into savings. So may, just maybe my world has changed that I no longer need to call this season of my life my no shopping ban season. I’m going to keep the no shopping ban title. Second, it means doing things. More walks, hikes, bike rides, meeting up for tea (about a $2 investment), and finding free or low cost experiences. It’s more pictures of sunrises rather than sale items. Third, it’s listening to podcasts, reading books and blogs, and watching documentaries about minimalism. I live in an area full of maximialists. I need a constant reminder of minimalism.


Fourth, I’m going to keep focusing on debt and savings. Fifth, show others the benefits of minimalism by giving them space to observe my life.

4 thoughts on “Fanny Pack Friendship – Do you Need an Official Minimalist Label?

  1. Fanny pack friends. I love it! It is hard when the pressure is to spend, spend, spend. I had hoped the pandemic would have changed people’s perspective but our stores saw huge lines when they reopened.

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