Shopping Your Home SAVES Money $$$

I lost my mind during the global shut down and I’m not beating myself up over it. It happened. I over bought food. I WAY OVER BOUGHT FOOD. But I refuse to beat myself up over it. The old me would yell, scream, and put myself down because I spent too much money on food and I probably would have tossed half of it away.

fried food on black frying pan
Not my Schnitzel because I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.

What am I doing instead? Shopping my kitchen and purchasing minimal amounts of food from the grocery store and refusing to toss food away. I have had to get creative to make sure food doesn’t go to waste. But it has been fun. Last night was homemade Schnitzel topped with a fried egg and a side of garlic and cheese mashed potatoes. All I needed to pick up was two russet potatoes from the store to complete the meal. I had the pork, eggs, breadcrumbs/almond flour, cheese, garlic already at home.

There is freedom in knowing that you can make great meals with the simple ingredients from your kitchen. I find meal time is like an adventure. I pull out a couple of items and try to make up a delicious meal. It does not always happen that the meal turns out well but most of the time I’m looking across the table to a smiling Mr. BMM.

Shopping your kitchen is not the only place to shop. Shop your home for decorations helps save money. Monthly I change decorations and pictures on my Nanny’s (grandmother) mid century secretary. I LOVE SWITCHING IT UP! My favorite method of decorating is to swap pictures in my collection of picture frames. Ordering a couple of prints usually costs about a dollar or two. But seeing recent pictures brings so much joy to me that I don’t mind the splurge (and totally breaking my no spend rules) to get a couple pictures printed periodically.

Another area to shop is kitchen gadgets. I recently got on the whole celery juice train (and I’m about a year late). I hated the fact that I had to keep buying celery. Instead I am regrowing 12 celery stalks mixed between a glass bread dish and a silicone big muffin pan. I’m not trying to have a magazine worthy kitchen so leaving these things out does not bother me one bit. While these 12 stalks are regrowing, I’m enjoying fresh celery juice from the freezer.

What is your one favorite thing to shop for in your home? What do you regrow at home?

3 thoughts on “Shopping Your Home SAVES Money $$$

  1. Shopping my closet for clothes! Learning more about the environmental impact of fast fashion, I will be doing this A LOT from now on.

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