Crap My Fanny Pack Broke

Earlier this week I wrote about cancelling Amazon Prime because I really failed to see value in paying a membership fee. Amazon Music was ok but randomly decided when I could listen to certain songs. Amazon Prime Video was nice but we can still rent movies without the membership fee. Amazon 2 day shipping is not actually consistently 2 days.

I decided that if I needed something within 2 days I would have to walk into a store. See here is the thing. I literally despise shopping at a store. The only store that I find some pleasure of shopping is the grocery store. If I’m going to keep my no-shopping ban, I just built a ginormous wall around the potential to break my no-shopping ban.

What really got under my skin was when I ordered a pair of running shoes and landed in physical therapy for two months. I am not saying that everything I got from Amazon was a knock off but I am convinced after running in the same brand for close to 20 years that those shoes were not authentic.

Which brings me to my topic today. My fanny pack zipper broke. Over the past two years I have been using a fanny pack to store keys, some cash, drivers license, debit card, and chapstick when I run. In these two years I spent about $25 on two fanny packs. I intentionally purchased lose cost fanny packs to ensure that I would in fact use them. After two years, I can reassure myself that spending a little more money on a single fanny pack will be money well spent.

Since this is a replacement, I am not breaking any of my no-shopping ban rules. I spent a couple hours yesterday looking for a new fanny pack. Let’s just say my criteria is more detailed now that I am not shopping. Here was my criteria:

  • Practically a lifetime warranty. The company needs to stand by their product because if I’m going to continue my adventures of zero waste I need a company that has quality products.
  • Two zippered pockets. I need a fanny pack to store my phone in one pocket and the rest of my items in another pocket. Nobody wants their keys to fall out when they take their phone to check their mileage 5 miles from their car.
  • Light weight. I’m already toting along a large chapstick. I don’t need extra unnecessary weight.
  • Adjustable waist band. This should be obvious.
  • Made in my Own Country. A couple months ago, I wrote about wanting to support my friends, family, and neighbors. I tried to purchase a fanny pack at a locally owned store. They did not have any fanny packs. So I went back to the internet to find an alternative.
  • Values. The company needs to align with my values and what is really important to me. I know that one single company will not align with everything that is important to me all of the time but I wanted to support a company that mostly gets me. See my bullet points above.

At the end of the my deliberations, I spent $26.89 on a new fanny pack. Let me test it out before I reveal my new fanny pack pick.

When you make a purchase, how do you decide?

caution runners printed signage on road

5 thoughts on “Crap My Fanny Pack Broke

  1. if i need something, i usually go to a store to buy it. i like to touch and feel the item. but the problem is, the item i am replacing i may not be able to find since some time has passed and the store may not stock it or the company has changed it. lately if i am going to a store, i am not left with much of a choice of stores to visit. instead of maybe 3-5 stores one could visit and compare, i am left with 1-2. it seems the stores are forcing us to go online to buy any item we need. i recently went looking for vacum cleaner bags, yes i still have a vac and it uses bags, (i also have a bagless one) and i am left with only really 2 places to find one, target and walmart. target was worse as they had only a few and walmart had limited selection. i was stuck buying a non premium bag and now have to search online, which means amazon most likely as the only place. sigh…

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