Maintaining 2 Capsule Wardrobes

I live where we have two seasons. Winter and construction (aka summer). I need clothes for cold weather and warm weather. There is no spring or fall here. As a result, I have a capsule wardrobe for each season. Lately, I have been opening up my closet and questioning if I have too many clothes. Each capsule wardrobe has 19 black dresses (my self imposed work uniform), a couple short sleeve or long sleeve shirts, three skirts, two pairs of jeans, and a couple pairs of shoes.

Do I really need 38 black dresses? I haven’t worn a dress in three months. So what is the point? Should I step up my work from home wardrobe?

My closet is not bulging with things. We won’t be moving into a tiny home if I ditch the dresses. But all I want to do is clear out my closest and have one single capsule wardrobe. Am I crazy?

I don’t think I lost my mind… yet. The reality right now is that I don’t need the dresses. They aren’t sparking any form of joy, which is my typical benchmark when deciding what stays versus what goes. However, the future of work is uncertain (do we go back to the old daily office grind, do we only go in the office once a week, do we stay home completely, or do I stay/leave my current company). I may need to keep my two capsule wardrobes with the uncertainty of the future of office working and my current no shopping 2020 year. But maybe I can just thin out the whole wardrobe to a more reasonable level of black dresses. Fifty does seem a bit too much.

What would you do? Are you having this type of dilemma?

white clothes hangers hanging on rack

Just took a quick peek at my two capsule wardrobes and found that I could donate the following:

  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress (not solid black)
  • 3 pairs of flats
  • 1 baseball hat

Now all of my shoes fit on my small shoe rack for year round viewing. Placed a order for a new ThredUp clean out bag to ship off the items that are leaving my closet. Now I feel that I simplified my wardrobe for the current season of work limbo.

9 thoughts on “Maintaining 2 Capsule Wardrobes

  1. The challenge I have with the idea of a capsule wardrobe is I LOVE colour! The brighter the better. Capsule wardrobes all seem to be based on black and shades of grey. Just not me at all! ☹️

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