Making Cuts: Just Cancelled Amazon Prime

As you could imagine, I listen to a lot of podcasts about minimalism. One podcast suggested cancelling Amazon Prime as a way to create friction or add barriers for making another purchase more difficult. Today I requested that my Amazon Prime account be cancelled and a refund issued for the unused portion of the annual membership. I am also tightening my budget in the event I do lost my job. Here are my reasons for canceling Amazon Prime.

Amazon cardboard box character figurine

Amazon Music: One day I could listen to a song and the next day I needed to pay an additional premium membership to listen to that same song. I don’t think so.

Amazon Prime Video: I don’t watch TV much. As a result, I don’t really care about Amazon originals. My use of Amazon Prime Video was limited to renting movies. You can still rent movies without Amazon Prime Video. Mr. BMM hasn’t watched Amazon Prime Video in months.

Amazon 2-Day Shipping: I’m pretty sure 2 day shipping doesn’t really happen all that often any more. After waiting a week or more for deliveries during the pandemic, I realized that I actually don’t need things flown across the country in two days and that I could actually wait. Hello inner Hippie Mrs. BMM! If a purchase is that urgent, I can walk into a store and buy it.

Amazon Prime Books: I have access to two free libraries for e-books. I never had a case where Amazon Prime Books was my only option for a book I wanted to read.

Guess who gets to take Amazon Prime off her budget and off her approved shopping list??? YAY for saving 120 dollar bills!!!

9 thoughts on “Making Cuts: Just Cancelled Amazon Prime

  1. One of my goals this year was to order less from Amazon. There are a lot of things about Amazon that I do not like so I think you’re going in the right direction!

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