2020 Theme: Slow – Ditch the Phone June

Earlier this month, I wrote about returning to my monthly SLOW themes. In June my goal was to put the phone down whenever Mr. BMM was home. I will be honest. I didn’t do so well the first week or two. This past week I kicked it up into high gear. I decided that since Mr. BMM was off this weekend it would be a no phone weekend until Monday morning. The results were magical.

When could I use my phone? To answer and make phone calls, schedule my grocery pick up, track a run, take pictures, and set an alarm. I moved all of these icons to the front main screen. I caught myself a couple times scrolled to the other pages but quickly closed my phone.

Did I check email or social media? I checked email when I turned on the computer to order a replacement part. I never looked at social media. After not having social media for a couple years and only bringing back instagram for this blog, it was fine going without it for a couple days.

Why did I do this? Anxiety was HIGH! Holy cow was it high! The constant inflow of emails, articles, and media of all types had me worn out along with the threat of losing my job soon. I was hanging onto a thread by last Friday. Work stuff just took way too long to complete each task. I just needed some space to breathe. I felt that I had nothing to offer on this blog. No creative ideas came to me. I had nothing to give to myself or Mr. BMM or our pup. After reading about Digital Minimalism in Cal Newport‘s book, I knew that a digital detox was necessary.

If I quit the phone, what did I do then? Saturday morning we took the pup for a walk after sleeping in. Then we rode the motorcycle to meet friends at a farmer’s market. I found that we totally relax after riding the motorcycle and knew that’s what we both needed. After dinner we went for a bicycle ride. Sunday included a run, pup walk, dinner pick up from our favorite local salad place, and took the motorcycle to a State Park to eat dinner and relax.

What did I miss? Nothing. No emails were urgent. No likes or comments on Instagram caused me to lose followers. If I were to guess, the only one that noticed that I took a break was me.

How do I feel? Honestly, I am still tired. I find that after moments of high stress it takes me longer to fully recover than just a weekend. However, I do feel that I am on my way to fully decompressing. Last night I found that my creative ideas for this blog started to flow. While I might not be 100% right now, I feel that I’m getting closer hour by hour.

broken black flip phone

Have you ever ditched your phone? How did it make you feel?

6 thoughts on “2020 Theme: Slow – Ditch the Phone June

  1. i carry my phone when i go outside as i use it for photos and you never know when a photo op will happen. also, i use it as my safety net since im concerned about getting injured while out and about my almost 2 acres and may need to call for help. im in a semi-rural area and no way could a neighbor hear me if i yelled out. since my gf lives in another city, i try and share with her things i am doing as she also shares things she is doing. i dont feel im a “slave” to the phone and use it as a tool. im not checking it every 5 min or anything and it can sit away from me without causing me any anxiety. lol i control it…it does not control me.

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  2. I haven’t done it but I think I could. Sometimes I leave it sitting on the kitchen counter and notice hours later that someone sent me a text. OOPS. Maybe I will give it a try.

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