On Pins and Needles – Do I Stay or Do I Go?

I heard that writing helps with anxiety and stress. Today, I am going to stray from my usual topics about minimalism, debt pay off, savings, etc. I am going to write about my current job situation.

We all might be working from home where I work but the water cooler doesn’t stop talking. The rumor before the global pandemic was that jobs were going to be eliminated for the 5th year in a row and after the global pandemic I don’t see that being a rumor anymore. The top four bosses in our department went into the office on Monday. Meetings have been awkward. Unexpected people are asking questions. Bosses are making statements that have me scratching my head. I hate suspense movies and I hate this wait. Are you picking me? Or are you not picking me?

In good old fashion me of overplanning and overthinking things, I got to researching what to do if you get called into the office and told that your job is being eliminated. I wanted to share with you what I learned and ask if you have an additional advice. Here it goes:

  • Save a copy of all of your performance appraisals. Print them out or email them to yourself.
  • Ask for a future reference. State that you want to be sure that when then company is asked how you left that it does not affect your chances with any future jobs. Then ask for it in writing.
  • Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Ask about job hunting assistance
  • Ask if you are able to apply to jobs internally
  • Confirm when you should expect to receive your final pay check, unused vacation/personal time, and desk clean out.
  • Ask about a work transition plan.
  • LASTLY DO NOT SIGN A SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER UNTIL YOU HAVE TIME TO REVIEW IT. Preferably review it with an attorney. Remember that a contract is always in favor of the person drafting the contract.
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