Making Cuts: Expenses, Emails, and a Toaster Oven

Lately as my state starts to reopen I have had this feeling of overwhelm. When those feelings happen I try to see what is causing the overwhelmed feeling. Is it too much on my schedule? Too many plans? Too many expectations? After reflecting on it this past week, I realized that it is too many emails, too many expense lines on my budget, and too many things on the kitchen counter. And so this morning I got to fixing the problem. I thought that I eliminated most of those emails a year or so ago but for some reason my inbox started to flood recently. Next I took a look at my expense budget. I really looked it over with the “what could I possibly remove?” eye this time. I eliminated my Brooklyn Public Library membership to save $50 and saved $80 by washing my own car myself. I will need to figure something out during the winter but with this work from home stuff, I don’t see my car getting too dirty.

At the end of my expense review, I was able to save about $130 with my first pass. Not a huge number but it still counts as savings. Next I plan to put my gym membership on hold for the summer. I realized last summer that I only went to the gym when I trained. The gym membership does not give me any type of discount on training. I will be placing my membership on hold for July, August, and September. That will add an additional $150 to savings.

Next up, the kitchen counter. Currently I have a bowl of oranges, and bowl of bananas, a mason jar of pup chews, a spray bottle with disinfectant, an indoor/outdoor thermometer, a bowl of water and celery in an attempt to regrow celery (cause that’s going to save me $$$ too), a bread dish full of cloth napkins and “paper” towels, a toaster oven, a crock pot, and a ninja. I’m working out of my kitchen today so this stuff is really starting to bother me. During lunch I looked at Mr. BMM and said “do you have a minute to chat about something?” This was obviously during his TV watching/lunch eating time so I need to prep him for this conversation. I asked if he minded if I put the toaster oven away since we rarely use it and I need the crock pot more for summer cooked. He just smiled and agreed. I’m not saying that I am getting rid of it, I’m just saying that the toaster oven is going on the shelf where the crock pot was. Just a little swap.

I believe that when I see order around the house my mind is calmer. Does it always work? No. Does it at least help? Yes. Do you have any nagging things that are getting under your skin or causing overwhelm?

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