My Personal Nature Fix

low angle photography of trees at daytime

Since the global shut down, Mr. BMM and I have adopted a more outdoorsy type of life. Each night we look at each other and ask “What do you want to do tonight?” We usually go with a bicycle ride, motorcycle ride, walk, hike, or run. Each night we go to a different place and come home even more relaxed than ever. One night this past week I looked at Mr. BMM and said I could fall asleep right where I was. Looking at the green leaves, smelling the dirt, and listening to birds chirping puts me to sleep. Nature is literally a natural sleep aid for me. I feel my blood pressure returning to normal. I feel calm.

Our state has this phased reopening thing going on and I keep thinking to myself, I don’t want to return to my prior busy schedule. Even as a minimalist before the global shut down, my schedule seemed to be a bit much. I felt that every day had something to be accomplished. Maybe I feel less rushed purely based upon the fact that I am working from home these days. It helps that I am able to work at the kitchen table and stare out the back door into the woods. Maybe I will see a bear, deer, birds, or bunnies. Or maybe I will simply see the leaves blowing in the wind. Staring out into the green outdoors in between work projects rather than working under florescent lights might be what really changed. Maybe it’s the fresh air that we need.

Are you finding that nature is helping you? What is your favorite nature thing to do?

4 thoughts on “My Personal Nature Fix

  1. That’s a really interesting photo. I love how the sunlight is finding it’s way through the trees. I think one of my favourite things to do in nature right now is gardening. I am enjoying puttering around more than other years.

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      1. I’ve had good luck with tomatoes. I usually grow them in pots. Just keep them well-watered and give them lots of sun.

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