¡Adiós! May – Enter June Mini Theme

We made it to the unofficial start of Summer. With Memorial Day behind us there are only hot days ahead. I don’t know about you but turning the calendar to a new month is exciting. I treat the start of a new month like others treat New Year’s Day as a new beginning. Reflecting back on May I have to say it was much better than April. I found that I totally got into my new normal and my new rhythm. I workout in the mornings, take the pup walk, work during my usual work hours, and after work it’s a total free for all. The after work total free for all has been almost healing. It has been healing in a sense that Mr. BMM and I could do whatever we want (obviously within the bounds set by the government). We have taken up biking, hiking, porch sitting, and walking. We explored new trails without the pressure of making sure we pick the best trail because we have such limited amount of time. Sometimes we do these activities in pure silence. Sometimes we just need some silence for new ideas to bubble up or to internally deal with an issue. No matter how much we talked or didn’t talk, we end each adventure with a kiss. That’s all we need.

With June right around the corner, I am looking forward to starting up with my local CSA. The chance to pick up fresh veggies and eggs at a local spot excites me. The veggie selection will be seasonal and based upon availability. I am looking forward to the challenges of meal planning. Most of the veggies are things that we usually enjoy but some are unique. With a Wednesday CSA box pick up, it will give me time to add to my grocery list if I need to make some adjustments.

Earlier this year, I announced that my 2020 Theme was SLOW. By choosing this theme, I wanted to live a slower, more intentional life with less insanity. Certainly a global pandemic shook that up a whole lot but my mental dust has settled. I found my new rhythm and I’m good with it. To go deeper into my 2020 Theme of SLOW, I’m going to add a personal challenge for the month of June.

dandelion flower with green grass

June SLOW Theme

Put down the phone. Recently my phone has been getting a little bit to much face time with me. I am going to institute a new rule no phone when Mr. BMM is home except to take a picture, track a run/bike ride, or answer a phone call. Emails can be check via a computer if it is really that urgent.

Are you up for a similar challenge?

What Has Been In My Ears?

I swear some podcast hosts can read my mind. This past week I listened to the Sustainable Minimalist podcast about how to live a sustainable summer. She did all of the research on new bathing suits, bug spray, sunblock, and more. It would be winter if I was left to myself to research the best options. Check out episode 125 and the awesome suggestions.

Summer is all about living the simple life, with extended bedtimes, spur-of-the-moment jaunts, and a general commitment to squeezing out every last frills-free moment in the sunshine.

But thanks to unnecessary purchases, chemical-laden sunscreen and bug repellent, and unsustainable vacations that create excessive carbon emissions, our summer celebrations may harm the planet.

The good news is it’s entirely possible to enjoy a simple and eco-friendly summer. On this week’s episode we are discussing practical ways to tweak our summer choices so that we enjoy the best season of the year with intention.

Stephanie Seferian, Mama Minimalist

Then the Lazy Genius total spoke to me with hosting opening ceremonies for summer and closing ceremonies for spring. During this unusual time, I instituted daily opening and closing ceremonies for work. Every morning I set up the folding table, put out my computer, pull out my notepad and pen, and open the shades. As I am opening the shades I say out loud “Open for Business.” At the end of the day I put everything away and close the shades by saying “Closed for Business.” It has helped me separate work and life when right now it does not feel that there are any types of boundaries.

What Do I Smell Cooking?

Truth? I am cooking from my official summer cooking list of recipes. I have a list of cold weather and warm weather receipts. Those warm weather recipes avoid the use of the oven. Check out some of my favorite things to make in the summer.

Which Book Do I have my Nose in This Week?

I’m back reading the Sarah Booth Delaney murder mystery series by Carolyn Haines. I just love her books. Check out my latest review from this series. I am currently reading Bones to Pick. Next up will likely be Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow. What are you reading?

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