Thrifting is Officially Cool

Recently podcasts started to talk about thrifting being cool and all of the environmental benefits. Honestly, thrifting has been cool for a long time. We sometimes weird ourselves out and make up some crazy stories as to why thrifting won’t work. Maybe all of the right stars collided one day to bring me to minimalism, no spending, thrifting all at once. I can’t remember the last time I purchased an article of clothing brand new. I love thrifting!

Thrifting allows me to purchase what I need at a low price. That low price allows me to save more money to pay off debt. Thrifting helps the environment by cutting back on emissions, garbage, etc.

Let’s be honest, my version of thrifting is probably entry level compared to others but it’s still thrifting. I shop eBay and ThredUp for clothing and go to a local store for household items. I am currently on the hunt for a tree lawn free table that I can convert into a standing desk. My morning puppy walks are helping me narrow down garbage days. Here are my three tips to successful thrifting:

  1. Try everything on. Go to thrift stores in your workout clothes and try stuff on over your clothes. Check each piece thoroughly for rips, missing buttons, etc.
  2. Go with a list. Like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Don’t shop without a list. Pick up what you need, not just what is a good deal in the moment that will spend the rest of its life in the back of your closet.
  3. Consider sticking to a brand. I personally stick with one brand of black dresses for work. Their size is consistent so it takes a lot of guess work out of purchasing.

Things you might not want to thrift would be underwear and motorcycle helmets.

Do you thrift? Any tips or tricks? Share them in the comments below!

assorted-color clothes hanged inside department store with lights turned on

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