I’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately

Feels like it has been weeks since I last wrote. I will be honest. I have been doing a lot of reflecting and planning. Around this time two years ago I picked up the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. That tiny little book changed my life completely. I like to reflect and think about these important milestones. Plus it gives me space to plan for the future.

Last night Mr. BMM and I packed up our bicycles and headed off to some trails (pictured above). We did an 8 mile bike ride because we had nothing else to do. Do you know how happy we were to know that we had nothing else to do? No stuff to manage. No stuff to buy. No stuff to put away. No stuff on the calendar. NOTHING. We chatted during our ride. We were silent during our ride. No agenda. No time crunch. We just wanted to get back to the truck before it got dark. Nature calmed use. Nature told us when it was time to go inside. Nature gave us some beautiful views. Nature was the perfect third wheel.

During the silent times, I thought about how great my life has become. I mean I had the time to go for a bike ride just because. My life might not be perfect. It might not be your version of a great life. But my life has slowly become my life. I have learned to say no (still a struggle honestly). I have learned to work with what I have. I have learned to budget. I have learned to save money. I have learned to live more simply. I have learned to live with flexibility. I have learned to walk my own journey. I would guarantee that if someone from my past saw my present life they would think I lost it. And I’m totally ok with that.

Work has been a struggle recently. For the past 5 years my company has been eliminating jobs. To those outside of management, we can’t figure out who is safe and who is not safe. Each summer my mind goes through a million what if scenarios. Mr. BMM hears them all. Last week he looked at me after I announced another what if scenario and he simply said “and what if you just took the summer off?” I had nothing to say. I really never thought about doing that. I mean I have been working since I was about 14 years old in some capacity so I really have no idea how not to work. Looks like my no spend year is going to get a little more challenging. I need to build my savings as best as possible in the event my job does get eliminated.

Sometimes we have more choices than we realize. Sometimes it isn’t option 1 or option 2. Minimalism and Mr. BMM have opened my eyes to so many more possibilities that I ever thought was possible. Take a chance. Go wild. Try minimalism.

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