A Minimalist Workout for Maximal Results

As more time passes without gyms being able to reopen, I had to get creative. For some people it’s following workout videos. I’m not that type of person. I really don’t like watching TV much more than streaming my daily yoga class. I wanted a workout that could travel into the woods with me. So I needed to find a creative, frugal, and effective workout with the very little amount of equipment I had at home. After two weeks of my minimalist workouts, I can feel my pre-pandemic strength coming back.

Disclaimer: I’m sure there needs to be come legal disclaimer that I’m not responsible to what happens to you because I’m not a doctor or personal trainer. The workout that I am about to share does not imply that I’m licensed or certified by any governing body so exercise at your own risk. It’s like swimming without a lifeguard. Do it all at your own risk.

Equipment list:

  1. Yoga mat or something to lay down on the floor/ground if needed
  2. 1 set of dumbbells or jars or cans
  3. 1 exercise band or something stretchy
  4. Timer

How the plan works:

For each workout, either spell out a word for the day or pick 4-5+ random letters. Then do the workouts assigned to each letter.

Each letter represents a group. There are 3 unique exercises per group. Each exercise is performed for 10 reps and the group of exercises is repeated 4 times for 4 sets. There is no break while performing an exercise group.

After you finish your workout plan for the day be sure to stretch, drink lots of water, and choice healthier meals and snacks.

Exercise Groups:

  • A: (Dumbbells) Curls, bent over triceps extensions, and squats
  • B: (Dumbbells) Side raises, front raises, single leg RDL
  • C: (Body) Side to side obliques, leg raises, bridge (lower to 1 in above the ground and back up)
  • D: (Body) Push ups, tricep dips, single leg squats
  • E: (Body) 30 Second hold of each the plank, left side plank, crab, right side plank
  • F: (Band) Leg extension, rows, OH press

Want the rest of the alphabet? Fill out the form below and include a note that you want the minimalist workout in the message to receive the full workout plan. I will email you the workout plan from BMMBlog@outlook.com.

person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs

4 thoughts on “A Minimalist Workout for Maximal Results

  1. This is a neat idea. Personally I enjoy my workout DVDs. I think the important thing is to stay active in whatever way you can. I signed up for a virtual workout at work this week for something different.

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