What Can I Subtract?

Part of my state is open now but my county is still closed down. Re-opening is going to happen but I feel that I need a plan. How much do I want to add back to my schedule? What can I subtract? I’m going to really comb through my schedule to see what really matters. I wrote about this before but now the re-opening is real. It’s coming!

Looks like I will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Honestly, I’m not planning on going in to the office except to pick up my things in order to relocate my work to 100% at home. If I’m working from home, do I need a professional closet? Can I pile in most of my work clothes into a ThredUp cleanout bag? While this might not be the most important part, it’s something I have been considering. Still debating that decision.

Doctor appointments that require travel are getting cut. While I love my dental hygienist and my physical therapist, there has to be someone equally as awesome closer to home. As a matter of fact there is a physical therapy office right next to my gym and a dentist just a few doors down from there, which is neighbors to my allergist and pup’s vet office AND close to where I enjoy running. No need to drive 45 minutes one way for an appointment. I just requested the dentist’s office to contact me about scheduling a new appointment. Fingers crossed that I don’t need a physical therapist for a while.

Household chores are happening throughout the workday. Rather than spending time chatting around the water cooler in the office, I’m taking that time to quick dust our house or switch the laundry. This has given me about an hour back a day for living the fun life. I’m still doing the Wal-Mart grocery pick up during my lunch on Fridays. The pick up is safer for me and my long list of allergies (I’m literally allergic to every drug made because of corn being in some form an inactive ingredient).

To the grocery shopping, I have been doing a much better job at prepping food as soon as I bring it home. Just last week I chopped up an onion and froze it for future use in recipes. We never eat raw onions and sauteing a frozen onion turns out close to sauteing a raw onion. I feel like a rock star when things just happen so perfectly. I have found that grocery pick up day is like Christmas Day. You never know what you’re going to get. With that said, I have learned to cook with similar items to make different recipes so that I can ebb and flow with what I get each week.

Deleted some podcasts. If you have read my other posts, I LOVE PODCASTS! But there are a couple of them that I regularly skip over because they don’t really fill me up. I’m not going to mention the podcasts that got subtracted from my list because you might really love them. And that’s cool.

I feel so much less stressed after I grounded myself back into my minimalist mindset. Honestly, this whole thing has been a reality check even for me as a minimalist. It has me answering the question, “Do I really, really need that?” and “Could I go without it?” for practically ever item. Yet it isn’t completely about what to remove because I’m also questioning “What fun could I add?” I’m adding nearly daily family walks. Walking seems to be the most perfect way for us to all reconnect as a family (yes pup included). The conversations flow with minimal distractions on family walks. I will be making space for the daily family walks to continue.

My workouts have changed. I stopped trying to fit into someone else’s plan and did what I needed to do for my body. Let’s just say I’m still sore from Saturday and all I used was a set of 5 pound dumbbells and a theraband. Proof that you don’t need fancy equipment to get results. I am about a quarter of the way complete with writing it all out. I plan on sharing it with all of you because I think you will love it!

Ending this post with an inspiration picture. Reduce Speed. What are you subtracting and how could you reduce your speed in order to create a more joyful life?

Reduce Speed road signage during daytime

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