Minimalist Mind Reader

Weeks ago I started talking about what I wanted to keep as well as change going forward as the world slowly starts to open up. While this shut down sucked, it was the first time in my whole life that I had time to reflect and truly make the best decisions for myself and my family on a consistent basis. This week it seems as though this topic is popping up in every new podcast or work meeting. Guess you can now call me the new Minimalist Mind Reader.

During one meeting, I learned that manufacturers are reevaluating the number of options they will be producing going forward. We might start off stories saying that in the old days we use to have 15 different options to choose from for ketchup. Now we only have 3. Did we really ever need 15 options for ketchup? Probably not. Will the fashion industry follow suit? Are capsule wardrobes going to be mainstream cool? In order to maintain social distancing, patients are not allowed to be stuck waiting in the waiting room. Before we may have waited for hours because someone decided that doctors should be booked every 10 minutes when the reality is that the doctors needed 20 minutes per patient to do their best work. Who is this mysterious “they” dictating that my free time should be spent waiting for a doctor rather than enjoying life? Restaurants won’t be as packed as before. Does that mean that going out for dinner might be a little more intimate? As an introvert, I would love to be able to have a conversation with friends and family without having to yell over the noise from other tables.

Over the years I transitioned to a self imposed work uniform of only wearing black dresses in various styles. I decluttered things that did not spark joy. I stopped shopping. Started saving and paying off debt. Focused on experiences over things. Was it my panic of never being able to retire unless I broke the spending cycle or is my brain a lot smarter than I realize or maybe I’m just a mind reader or fortune teller. Or maybe I just got tired of the hamster wheel of debt and chaos. I really don’t know. I am so thankful that I found minimalism. I really don’t think I would be doing as well mentally if I wasn’t already on this path towards minimalism.

Some people thought I was crazy for going down this path. Others gave me a lot of dirty looks. People thought I was nuts bringing in new things every week to work for the “free to a good home” shelf (keep in mind those things were gone within hours). Mr. BMM might have even secretly doubted my ability not to shop. I don’t blame Mr. BMM or others for their thoughts. I was going against the their norm of over consumption and had years of experience going deeper and deeper into debt. Maybe I’m just a fighter. I’m that person with their back against the wall and fighting against all odds. Today, I call myself a badass champion minimalist.

Have I completely broken my old habits? No. I still find myself picking things up in the store or adding them to my cart online that aren’t part of my no spend year rules. But I rarely purchase those items. In fact just thinking about buying them fills me up. I don’t really need more things. I just need the experience of picking items up or putting them in my cart. That part is free.

Coming to terms with our new normal might be easier for us minimalists. I believe that we are going to come out of this stronger than before. We clearly march to the beat of a different drum than others. We don’t mind being weird. Going slower is part of who we are. We got this! Trust me, I’m the new Minimalist Mind Reader. I know you are going to crush this new normal!

heart-shaped red and beige pendant

Love, the Beautiful Minimal Millennial

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