Oh Snap… Mr. BMM Schools Me About Zero Waste

Walked into the extra bedroom where my husband keeps his things. We can’t keep much in our bedroom for two very important reasons. First, there is no closet in our bedroom. Second, we work different shifts and would likely wake each other up getting ready for work. On to the point of this blog post. I walk into his room and ask if he had any extra notebooks because I needed a piece of paper for a grocery list. I like to keep a visual list of what I need to order from the butcher. He looks at me and comments that using paper and buying notebooks is quite wastefully and that I could save more money if I just used the notes app on my phone. OH SNAP!

I looked at him and realized someone woke up with their sassy pants on. I smiled though. I love that he is moving over to the zero waste-ish side. I responded that it would be wasteful just to toss perfectly good notebooks into the garbage or let them take up space because we don’t use them. In addition, I have an old phone that didn’t come with the notes app and I really don’t have much space to download another app. He looked, nodded, and told me where I could find the notebooks. Well played Mr. BMM! Well played!

Then Mr. BMM finally decided it was time to go through his drawer in the bathroom. This drawer was stuffed with stuff from the dentist and little soaps/shampoos from hotels. I mean you could barely close the drawer or find anything. All of a sudden I see him not only cleaning out the drawer but he even wiped it out.

I share these moments with you because you cannot snap your fingers to make others change. I can offer suggestions but living out my values in front of him and not commenting one his choices that differ from mine has allowed Mr. BMM to slowly come over to the zero waste-ish lifestyle. He even decluttered his side of the garage and finally got rid of stuff he was never going to use last month.

Marie Kondo’s advice on managing your own stuff holds true. Mr. BMM does not resent me for the changes I made because I did not touch his things. He is not upset about the changes that have been made to my things. He chose when and how he was going to declutter. It worked for him.

stacked blue notebooks

7 thoughts on “Oh Snap… Mr. BMM Schools Me About Zero Waste

  1. Really great post! I’m glad the lifestyle seems to work for you both, as it seems like we can often face challenges when the people around us don’t share the same lifestyle!


    1. I learned from making mistakes years ago when I tried to force change. Now I just offer my zero waste items to Mr. BMM and let him decide. For example, I switched to a loofah and asked if he wanted to switch from the plastic sponge. At this time he wants to continue with the plastic sponge so I simply said ok, let me know if you ever want to switch. In other areas, he knows that I prefer cage-free eggs so that’s what he picks up from the store. It was certainly a challenge for me to learn how not to give lectures or make the decision without his input. But now he is teaching me in zero waste, probably without him knowing it!

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  2. That’s progress. I have a hard time getting my husband on board with my efforts to go green. At Christmas, he surprised me by wrapping my gifts in newspaper. So, he is listening. We have to celebrate these small victories!

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