As the World Slowly Opens: Making Plans

As the world slowly opens, the little beautiful introvert in me is starting to panic. More people are going to try to take my free time. I love my free time! But I feel bad saying no. Right now I only need to make plans with my tiny little family and it always works out best for all of us. How am I going to balance seeing people and feeding my little beautiful introverted being when Mr. BMM is an extrovert? Simple. I am going to take charge of the planning.

Let’s consider how going out for dinner with friends previously went.

When do you want to go out? I don’t know. How about Sunday? I can’t I have other plans. Ok, how about Saturday? Sure that works. Where do you want to go? I don’t know. Where do you want to go? How about at blah blah? I don’t like blah blah. Ok then where do you want to go? I’m not sure. Let’s decide closer to the day.

This is how plans are going to go down now.

After chatting with Mr. BMM, I will be sending a text to a pre-determined list of people that states: Going out for dinner on Saturday for 6pm at Blah Blah? Do you want me to add you to the reservation? If so let me know.

My little introverted being has always wanted to be the cool kid so now we will become known as the couple that sends random dinner invites.

dining table with drinking high glass and fork

I hate chaos, which is why I thrive as a minimalist! And trying to make plans for dinner is like a three ring circus with toddlers and puppies that all need a nap and a snack.

Do you have any tips or tricks for making plans?

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