Fantasy Weekend at the Farmer’s Market

female beach cruiser bike leaning on yellow painted wall

Alright. Let’s be honest. I have this fantasy that I go to the farmer’s market every single weekend on a bicycle with a cute little basket in the front to hold all of my produce. I become friends with all the farmers. I spend some time canning/preserving part of my purchases so that we can enjoy farm fresh produce in the winter. I always use reusable bags. And I’m barefoot with dreads the whole time.

The reality is simple. I don’t live near a single farmer’s market so I have to drive to each farmer’s market. I use reusable bags quiet often but I’m afraid to speak up when a farmer gives me produce in a plastic bag because deep down inside I feel that I might upset them and I don’t want to upset them. I have only figured out how to can cranberry sauce. I have plantar fasciitis so the whole barefoot thing isn’t working for me since I was ordered to always wear shoes with arch support (people I’m not 90!). I’m an introvert so it will probably take all summer for me to ease into becoming friends with the farmers. And the dreads just won’t happen with my current nerd job.

flat lay photography of strawberries and tomatoes

Just a couple minor differences, right?

How do I overcome the huge difference between my fantasy and my reality? Easy. I contemplate for weeks about joining a local’ish CSA because I’m really trying to spend money wisely so that hopefully I can pay off my car this year. Then I question if farmer’s markets will really be a thing in 2020 since we are currently in lock down mode. Then I bring it up to Mr. BMM who reminds me that the last time I joined a CSA I gave up picking it up mid season because I traveled for work more than expected (now I don’t travel).

For those of you that a wondering what in the world a CSA is, let me quickly explain how my local CSA works. CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. You pay the farmer a set amount up front before the season starts. Then weekly you receive a set number of different produce items in a box. Some CSA farmers allow you to pick your produce weekly and other farmers go with farmers choice method. There is more to it but is the basics.

Here is how I am going to decide…

  1. Will the CSA or farmer’s market move me towards a more zero waste’ish life?
  2. Will the CSA pick up schedule work with my current life schedule?
  3. Are my Saturday’s usually free to attend a weekly farmer’s market from June to October?
  4. Does the CSA allow me to pick my own produce?
  5. Do I like the produce options available through the CSA?
  6. Does the CSA fit within my current grocery shopping budget?
  7. Did I attend the farmer’s market regularly last year?
  8. Does the CSA or Saturday farmer’s market fit into my weekly meal planning process?

What else would you add to this list?

Ran the numbers and came to terms with the fact that my fantasy self is just a fantasy. For about $25 per week I will have 6 different types of organic produce to serve 2-3 meals along with 1 1/2 dozen cage free eggs. The egg cartoons go back to the farm the following week along with the delivery box. I pick up my box near the gym/running trails every Wednesday, which leaves me time to make adjustments to my meal plans and grocery shopping on Friday. Now I can support local farmers in my introverted way that works best for me.

Dancing Hen Farm

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Weekend at the Farmer’s Market

  1. I have done a CSA before. It seems like an especially good way to get fresh produce and support farmers who (probably) have better labor conditions for workers. I read an article about how large farming operations will have trouble housing and transporting their workforce keeping social distancing.
    I was all into canning for a while but it drove me crazy when jars would seal!

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