A Horse of Course along the Trail with a Heart Shaped Rock

This past weekend I showed up at the parking lot of my new favorite trail. I wasn’t expecting to see many people since it is fairly remote. Instead I found a couple horse trailers and a couple piles of horse poo. Running through the woods keeps you on the look out for deer, which are generally harmless, and bears, which could cause a problem. On my way back to my car, I came across three riders and their horses. Knowing that when I run past dogs, the dogs usually try to chase after me I slowed down a bit and started to cross my fingers in hopes that the horses would be better behaved. The horses kindly listened to their riders and moved over to let me pass. When I looked over I realized how large and strong they are, I knew they would certainly win the race against me. Thankfully I passed without an issue. It was actually the first time I saw horses on the trail, ran past a horse, or seen a horse outside their farm fences. What a cool experience!

After my run, I like to find a large rock near the parking lot to sit on and meditate. I am past the point of caring if someone sees me or what they think. I meditate to feel better. I meditate to get a better control of my thoughts. I meditate to be a better person in this world. Does it always work? Nope. Is it getting better? Yeah it is.

Each time I go into the forest, I search for heart shaped rocks. It all started after my Mammy passed away. She was the adventurous grandparent for sure. Around the time she passed away, I hiked her favorite trail and found a heart shaped rock. Since then it feels like she is leaving me little bits of love each time I find a heart shaped rock.

It’s the little things in life that we should make space for each day. A heart shaped rock. A hug from someone that you love. A kind gesture from a neighbor. A little help from a friend. A kiss from your furbaby.

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