Power of Duct Tape

Over this past weekend, we had nice weather. Maybe the first nice weekend of spring. You know that kind of nice weather where everyone would want to do something just like the weeks leading up to Christmas. And my little introverted being would be like “can’t I have an hour alone please?” Rather than being overwhelmed, I embraced my new normal. It was going to be Mr. BMM, our pup, and the woods. No screaming toddlers, no booger filled toddlers, no deciding where to go to eat, no deciding on time, no deciding on plans. It was us three deciding together without balancing outside requests or demands.

When I was in the kitchen, I listened to podcasts. When Mr. BMM decided that we should clean the garage AKA help him re-organize and wash the garage floor, I gladly joined. When our pup rolled over to solicit a belly rub, I obliged. Our demands were simple. The outside world is crazy but I am working to keep our house simple and calm. My new norm is feeding my little introverted being.

Getting to the power of duct tape. Monday rolls around like a hot mess. We lose power around 9am and do not regain power until about 6pm. During that time we nearly lost a shutter. Never saw winds that awful. While I am sticking my head out the window to assess the situation and options for repair, I yelled to Mr. BMM to get me the duct tape. Mr. BMM is a saint. He kindly looks out the window to do his own assessment, grabs the duct tape, and starts handing me pieces of duct tape. Mr. BMM states something to the effect of doubted the strength of duct tape. I clearly roll my eyes and say let’s hope for the best because we aren’t getting on a ladder during these winds to properly fix or remove the shutter.

The next day confirmed that the duct tap saved the shutter! And quite possibly our siding. As we scramble and panic out in the world, try to take a step back. Try to think about the easiest way to fix the situation. What would you have done three months ago to fix this situation? Maybe it will still work today.

What Has Been In My Ears?

During this past week I have noticed that podcasts are getting back to normal’ish. I found the Simple Self Care by Randi Kay to be interesting, informative, and a little bit woo-woo. Check out episode 5.5 Using Astrology for Self-Care with Natha Campanella. From the show notes, this episode delivers on the process by covering the following:

  • what astrology is and why people tend to misunderstand it
  • how to find an astrologer you can trust
  • what the cosmos have to say about the pandemic
  • how to use the planetary energies to guide your self-care
  • how it can teach you how to trust your own intuition

I fell in love with the How to be a Minimalist podcast. The 7 Ways Minimalism Brings Peace Into Your Life episode really resonated with me. Katie discusses the physical and mental minimalism. I still consider myself a minimalist rookie but I already see the benefits of minimalism.

Which Book Do I have my Nose in This Week?

Wrapped up You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe and Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Schott Sonenshein. Check back for my book reviews this week. I couldn’t put down either book they were that good.

Something Fun

Started an Instagram account for my pup. His pictures and videos are cute but maybe I’m a little biased. Check out his account. Here is a sneak peak:

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