My New Normal is Ok

Earlier this week I cried to Mr. BMM. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one out there that cried at any point over the last month. I cried because life changed drastically. My old normal no longer exists. Nobody knows when our old normal will return, if it ever will return completely. After I got out all of those feelings to Mr. BMM, something changed for me. It’s call my new normal. My new normal could be similar to yours or completely different. Once I declared that the way I’m currently living is my new normal, it just seemed to get a little easier. It is less of me trying to make my new normal fit into my old normal and more of just trying to find a way to embrace my new normal.

My new normal includes lots of time at home. My new normal has me avoiding grocery stores (and actually all buildings except my own home) and adjusting to Wal-Mart Grocery pick up each week. My new normal has me avoiding other people, which as an introvert is kind of nice at times. My new normal has me reading e-books rather than going to the library. My new normal has me working from home, which I am beyond grateful to say I have that option. My new normal has me trying new body weight only workouts because I KonMari’d all of that stuff out (and I still don’t miss it). My new normal is cleaning our house more often. My new normal has me wondering if others will embrace change more often and with less resistance or claiming “we have always done it this way.” My new normal has me thanking those on the front line more often (first responders, those working for hospitals, grocery store employees, truck drivers, etc.). My new normal has me playing my very own natural resource game (how less electricity could I use each day by opening up the blinds in each room). My new normal is finding ways to support local businesses even more. My new normal is seeing humans showing love even more than usual. My new normal has changed. I wish it didn’t come as a result of a world-wide pandemic, but my new normal is ok.

What Helped Me Get to This Point? Podcasts!

The Practical Minimalists Episode #79: Coping with Covid-19 – Checking In

What a crazy time we are living in!  As we all figure out how to navigate this pandemic that is affecting everyone on the globe, we wanted to do what we can to help.  In this episode we are here to check in after a long hiatus as well as to offer some solidarity, conversation, tools and coping mechanisms. We are keeping it light yet real in today’s episode and we hope that our conversation today provides some entertainment and comfort for you during this historic time.

The Practical Minimalists Episode #79

The Practical Minimalists Episode #80: Coping with Covid-19 – The Cons and and Cons

In today’s episode we talk about and define collective trauma, but do not fear!  This episode is not 100% sad and/or scary because we talk about all the amazing things that we are seeing come out of this situation  as well.  We also share the funny things that are helping us cope as well as lots of book, TV, and podcast recommendations.  Enjoy!

The Practical Minimalists Episode #80

The Wannabe Minimalist Episode #19: How Minimalism Helps During Coronavirus

I truly believe that minimalism was placed in front of me at the right time. Maybe my mind had an idea and figured that I needed a head start. I started my minimalism journey about two years ago with decluttering in 2018 and thriving during my 2019 no spend year. Collectively those two major events got me to the point of being able to focus on what really matters during these times. Is it easy? Hell no! I will admit that I have 9 pounds of frozen broccoli in my freezer right now because I panicked. I gave myself some grace by allowing the panic for a month. But starting this weekend, I am shopping for 1 week at a time and sticking to a budget. What did we use and what do we need for the coming week? Will determine what goes on my grocery list.

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