Paying it Forward

Paying it forward. Let me start off my acknowledging the fact that I am very privileged to make the suggestion on paying it forward. My job sent me to work at home over two weeks ago. I have been able to maintain my current salary. As a result, I have given myself a mission to pay it forward. One Saturday I had pizza, salad, and pasta delivered for a team at work. The next Saturday I had a delivery of cupcakes and personal desserts delivered for another team. I plan to keep doing this for more teams. See the company I work for is completely essential.

I am continuing to pay my gym membership. While my gym is streaming classes online throughout the day, my gym is physically closed and offered members the opportunity to put their membership on hold. I am continuing to pay my hair stylist. My hair stylists works completely on commission so no clients equals no pay. Mr. BMM and I collectively decided that we will continue to support these small businesses in our effort to help make sure they open their doors after all of this passes.

If you are in a position to help, do it. You can make homemade cards and send them to those working on the front lines such as police, fire, paramedics, hospital staff, etc. Just knowing that you are thinking of them will give them a little boost. Make a motivational sign and hang it in your front window. Draw motivational saying on your sidewalk in chalk. Give a neighbor or friend a to-go meal. You can order food to be delivered. Buy a gift card to a locally owned business. Write amazing reviews online about local businesses. Call your local grocery store to speak with the manager and thank them for their team’s hard work. Some of these ideas cost money and some only take a little bit of your time.

brown dried leaves on sand

Even though I am helping to pay it forward now, I am also being mindful of my spending. Who knows where my story will go in the weeks and months to come. I stopped paying extra on my car loan. When the dust settles, I plan to take that money and apply it to my car loan. Since I am not driving to work, I am saving money. I am working at home without turning on extra lights, rather I am opening up the blinds to let more natural light shine through. While I am working, I am adding layers rather than turning up the heat.

House Hack

Currently I cannot seem to get my hands on cooking spray. More specifically avocado or olive oil cooking spray with no other ingredients. After trying to get it, I gave up. I have an alternative plan. Enter a small spray bottle! Checked in with Mr. BMM about my idea and he gave me this look like why haven’t I thought of that before.

Honestly, the cooking spray that I use is expensive. The reality is that it’s more expensive per ounce than organic avocado oil. If only you could see my saving money happy dance that just happened.

What Has Been In My Ears?

My goodness The Sustainable Minimalist podcast rocked it this week.  Has our planet healed a little bit due to this current interruption?  (So that plastic wrapped chicken is not so bad, right.)  What can we do to help maintain our mental health?  Can we really work remotely more often?  What changes have we made to adjust the interruption can we continue in the future? Check out the podcast.

What Do I Smell Cooking?

Our meals have been simplified. Each week I roast veggies with only oil drizzled on top. Check out a recent blog post with the details of what I have been cooking. It’s tasty!

Check out Clean.Simple.Free podcast episode 26 on Sustainable, creative ways to use up food before it spoils.

Extend the life of your food by making homemade croutons, frozen veggies, casseroles and more! Save yourself a trip to the store! Hope everyone is safe and well.

Which Book Do I have my Nose in This Week?

Wrapping up Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  My goodness for a book written over 100 years ago it is unbelievably relevant today. I have written about the insights in a couple blog posts. Check them out.

What book is up next? I’m going to check out You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington by Alexis Coe. The title seems fun and catchy. We will see how that goes.

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