2020 Theme: Slow – It’s Pretty Easy Right Now

I am currently living, working, and doing my whole life at home. Guess it is pretty easy to go slow right now. I have one important task each day. That is to wake up and start working at home on time. That’s it. Some people have asked if I am losing my mind. Truthfully, I cried earlier this week. Not because I’m living, working, and doing my whole life at home. I cried because I don’t know when this is going to end. I told Mr. BMM about my tears since I clearly waiting for him to leave for work before I lost it.

Know what I am doing to help keep my mind off of everything?

  1. No news. Except this article. It’s just really fun, lighthearted, and nearly had me in tears from laughing. #HashtagTheCowboy
  2. Keeping a daily list of activities. I am knocking off all of those annoying “I will get to it someday” things. Today I washed the shopvac vacuum. Foam rolled three times. Did morning and afternoon yoga. Completed my physical therapy exercises. Requested that all dishes be left in the sink so that I could do them. Washed, dried, folded, and put away a load of laundry. Challenged myself to write book reviews for most of the books I read (I say most because some I don’t remember a thing about the book).
  3. Sending funny puppy pictures out to friends. This happened yesterday. Our pup needs to wear boots when we go into the forest. Our pup refused to move and turned the tables on me by keeping a safe 6 foot distance away (aka the length of his lease because he wasn’t moving). I turned the picture into this video. Made a lot of people laugh.
  4. Reading. I am keeping the books lighthearted and fun.

What are you doing now to keep yourself busy? Would love some suggestions to add to my daily lists!

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