Made in My Own Country

Over the past couple of weeks I have made one very strong personal rule. I am going to buy made in America as much as possible whenever I shop. As you know, I’m currently on my second year of no shopping with a couple exceptions. My shopping is fairly limited to start. However, when I do shop, I plan to spend my money on Made In America.

Why Made In America? Well I’m an American. I want to support my family, friends, and neighbors where I live as much as possible. I want to shop at local stores and order meals from local restaurants. With the little I do shop, I want to do my part in stimulating my local economy. I want to see businesses open rather than worn out empty buildings.

What This Does not Mean? I have no hate or shame for other countries. In fact, I love all things British Royal. Canada is one of our families’ favorite vacation destinations. Books about the Nordic countries’ traditions light me up and it’s on my bucket list to see the Northern Lights. I always dreamed of seeing the Amazon Rain Forest, climbing Patagonia, and checking out elephants in Africa. I would love to be on the opposite side of Earth visiting Australia.

Currently, I am just trying to help out my family, friends, and neighbors. In the end, you do you.

10 thoughts on “Made in My Own Country

  1. buying american could be a difficult task. i hope when you do, you would post a pic/story of what you bought. even if you eat out, im sure some products used in the meal could be from other countries. i hope you share your experiences

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  2. made in america or just assembled in america?
    most of if not all the cars “made in america” contain items “made” in other countries and then assembled in the factories in america. many of the military’s planes etc, have parts made in other countries.

    your quest will be interesting indeed.


    1. My journey won’t be perfect. Like you mentioned my avocado in a salad at a local restaurant might be from another country. Same with car parts. Shopping at local farmers markets will help support my local neighbors. Doing a little extra research will help me find American made items. I am going to put my best effort into supporting my family, friends, and neighbors the best I can.


  3. I love trying to buy products that are either made in America or are responsibly made or sustainable. I like spending money where I feel like I am supporting a good company that has good morals and is trying to do right in some way. Sometimes the product may be made in other countries but the company is paying fair wages or giving back to the community in some way. There are some good, ethical brands out there but it does require some research and sometimes it will cost a little bit more.

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