Giving Myself a Little Grace on my Zero Waste-ish Month

The plastic wrap might not have been used this month but my goodness the plastic that came into our house this past week is INSANE! One company sells individually frozen and plastic wrapped chicken tenders. Is that really necessary? No. But guess what, with our current situation, I bought two boxes of them.

lighted white textile

Now I could sit here writing about how I plan to tar and feather myself later for this decision. Or I can simply say, it happened, and I will try better next time. Guess which route I am going to take? The second!

Give yourself some grace, some space, and some wiggle room. I had to decide between feeding my family and avoiding the extra plastic. I opted to feed my family. What do I plan on doing in the future, buy in bulk. Not pass up on the opportunity to buy bulk.

What else am I doing to conserve natural resources? While I am working from home, I am opting to open up all of the shades so that I work under natural light rather than using extra electricity. I am shutting off our heat each afternoon for a couple hours and adding an extra layer to my body as needed. Do these measure counteract the plastic? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m only human. I am trying my best. And if you take one thing from this post, let it be to give yourself some grace during these times.

10 thoughts on “Giving Myself a Little Grace on my Zero Waste-ish Month

  1. This has been a very different kind of time where I think we all had to start doing certain things differently from what we normally would. And many of those things create more waste because they are one-time use items to decrease spreading germs. Although one thing I did in the right direction was when Costco ran out of toilet paper, I bought some sustainable toilet paper (made of bamboo) online that doesn’t use any plastic in the wrapping!

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      1. I wouldn’t call it fluffy. It’s very textured, I like it. It’s from and now is temporarily sold out. It’s a cool company though and for every roll people buy, they donate a single use biodegradable toilet to someone in need.

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