What Do I Miss Now After KonMari?

Due to the most recent interruption in our lives, I have been reflecting on things that I miss after I completed my KonMari tidying event. I donated countless carloads full of household goods. I threw away close to a dozen bags of garbage. I up-cycled several ThredUp clean out bags. I touched every item that I owned and made a decision to keep or remove.

Now after close to two years post my KonMari tidying event, I miss nothing. I remember that I had more clothes in my closet but I can’t remember what exactly I removed. The feelings of overwhelm, what to wear, and what will fall on my head this time are gone. There is space to decide with ease on what to wear. I have a capsule wardrobe and a work uniform.

Books. Ahhh the book controversy. I was just told today by a friend that she was going to KonMari her apartment this weekend but plans to skip the book part. My response in love suggested that she at least look at her books because she might be surprised if she found a book or two that needed to find a new home. My book collection is simple and made up of books that literally helped me change my life into the life I felt that I always wanted to live.

Stuff. I have more than two plates and still have decorations. Our walls are not white with simple, minimalist black furniture. But we have what we need. What we love. What we use on a regular basis. We even have a couple items that we rarely use but when we need them, we have no alternative.

Mementos. Just the memories that make me smile. I discarded the stuff that was full of guilt, shame, or pain. I kept only the memories that truly make me smile. Like the picture of my grandmother putting her old fashioned curlers in my hair on vacation. Or that cranky grandfather picture that I love so dearly. Or the cards throughout the years that my husband so carefully and lovingly picked out for me. I kept those mementos.

So today, with all of the hoarding and panic, I can say with absolute certainty that I miss nothing that I let go of. Living the life of a minimalist, in my own way, has allowed me to live with less stuff. Sure getting sick makes me nervous. But the over packed closet won’t prevent me or cure me from an illness. I am staying home to work and only leaving to exercise outside or that quick early morning grocery store run. Yet I feel free and light in a world that seems very dark and heavy.

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7 thoughts on “What Do I Miss Now After KonMari?

  1. I think back on stuff that I donated or gave away and one that I almost miss is my craft supplies. But I really don’t miss the actual supplies – they were overwhelming and I stopped enjoying what I was doing… So what I actually miss is the creativity. I haven’t yet found a really good creative outlet to love and enjoy at this time.

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