Life Interruption: Challenge of the Day

Listen, I know there are a lot of scary things out there, lots of unknowns, and what ifs. Rather than letting it occupy space 24/7 in your mind, I have a three challenges for you. Do you accept them?

Challenge #1: Post a picture of beauty. Is your pup snoring and sleeping in a cute pose? Did you notice buds on the trees? Notice something of beauty.

Challenge #2: Make a home workout plan that does not require a single piece of equipment. What comes to mind? Share it in the comments below.

Challenge #3: Identify one nagging chore you have at home and do it. I recently had to replace my garage door opener and need to figure out how to reprogram my car. What one nagging chore will you complete today?

Check back for periodic challenges to help you make the most of our current interruptions in life.

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