An Interruption From My 2020 Theme

Our whole world has been turned upside down in some form or other within what felt like two days.  My personal emotions are all over place.  My ache is flaring up, my body aches from stress, and yet all I want to do is to run into the forest behind our house to hide. 

Yesterday I was reading for what felt like the first time in month. I found calmness in the following passage in Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

For my part, I could easily do without the post-office.  I think that there are very few important communications made through it.  To speak critically, I never received more than one or two letters in my life – I wrote this some years ago – that were worth the postage.  The penny-post is, commonly, an institution through which is so often safely offered in jest.  And I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper.  If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or one vessel wrecked, or one steamboat blown up, or one cow run over on the Western Railroad, or one mad dog killed, or one lot of grasshoppers in the winter, – we never need read of another.  One is enough.  If you are acquainted with the principal, what do you care for a myriad instances and applications?  To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip…

trees on forest with sun rays

Is Thoreau talking about junk mail that I so diligently return to sender and sign up for do-not-mail lists?  Maybe.  Is he referring to the 24/7 loop of media where the stories continue to be told repeatedly?  Perhaps.  Maybe, for me, I just needed someone to give me permission to give myself the grace to step away from the media and the constant talk that has literally overtaken every single conversation. 

Maybe you need to step away too.  Maybe you need to tell that co-worker that you appreciate their interest in a topic but that you don’t need a play by play overview.  Maybe you just need to escape to the forest for a walk.  Whatever it is that you need, take care of yourself.  Give yourself grace and space to process whatever it is that you need to process.  For me I wanted to stop scrolling through the articles suggested by Google.  I went cold turkey on that one this week and now I only look up article about Meghan and Harry. 

If you are torn between stock piling items and keeping true to your minimalist beliefs, know that you can always return to minimalism.  It will always be there for you. Lastly, I understand how Joshua Fields Millburn felt as he wrote his post this week about isolation and introverts.  I am an introvert.  Being home with a book and my family helps me recharge.  For this time, I am going to recharge as much as possible. 

Wishing you all peace, safety, and good health!

3 thoughts on “An Interruption From My 2020 Theme

  1. Did you see any of the videos that came from Italy with people singing on their balconies? Since they are under quarantine they decided to reach out to each other through song since they can’t have their homes. In the midst of all this craziness and chaos, it was actually quite beautiful. Sometimes we need a little more of the good news to balance things out.

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