Less Plastic, Less Waste, Less Drama

March started with my 2020 micro Slow theme of Zero Waste-ish.  I actually declared a zero waste-ish month without giving Mr. BMM a heads up.  Why?  It’s my goal.  Not his goal.  He has no plans on converting to a composting toilet or using moss as toilet paper. 

Besides, I’m the one who does the shopping and meal prepping.  In reality, I have the most control about our waste.  My goals were not over-ambitious but micro.  

I am challenging myself to do the following this month:

  1. Do not use plastic wrap. 
  2. Do not accept or use plastic utensils
  3. Repair my favorite bag, do not replace it
  4. Attempt to reduce food packaging waste
  5. Go for at least one hike in March to pick up garbage along the trail
  6. Find a recipe for Chapstick (re-use those current little plastic tubes)
  7. Ditch plastic shower loofahs for a real loofah or a bamboo bath brush (suggestions anyone?)

How is my challenge going?

  1. I placed the plastic wrap at the bottom of the drawer.  If I have to dig it out, it should trigger my micro zero waste-ish theme.  As of today, I have been able to avoid using plastic wrap.
  2. I took an extra spoon to the office so I can use a real spoon over a plastic spoon.
  3. Repaired for $5 and it looks practically brand new. 
  4. Working on choices that are sold either in bulk, less packaging, or glass/aluminum for re-cycling. 
  5. Have not done it yet but will certainly do a cleanup hike before the end of the month.   
  6. Still looking but I found a recipe to make homemade poo spray.  In a 4-ounce glass bottle add 1 tsp dish soap, 1 tsp rubbing alcohol, 30 total drops of essential oil(s), and fill the rest with water.
  7. I found an amazing loofah that is grown here in the United States.  Enter the Luffa Gardens Sun Sponge.  OMG!  This loofah is amazing!  I use it as a dry brush but in the shower with some soap.  
photo of calm body of water

The book for this month is Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  I’m still in the first quarter of the book, but I am already questioning everything I purchase and keep.  I feel like Walden is a mix of Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy, Gretchen Rubin’s Outer Order, Inner Calm, Courtney Carver’s Soulful Simplicity and Project 333, and Brooke McAlary’s Slow just to name a few.  I wonder if Walden motivated my favorite authors or if they took inspiration from Walden. 

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