February 2020 No Spend Recap

Duluth Pack Market Tote

Well another month and another update on my No Spend Challenge for 2020.  Let me be honest, I almost caved in for a new bag.  Almost.  However, I finally figured out how to repair my current bag for $5!  I love this back, I fit the usual items, plus gym clothes, and literally carry about 3 pairs of shoes (dress shows, sneakers, and walking into work shoes) in this bag each day to work.  Earlier in February, I swear I lost a chapstick through a large hole in the bottom of the bag.  I tried to get it fixed at a tailor but they did not have a strong enough sewing machine.  But….  I remembered the leather/motorcycle gear store that cut the leather straps for me a year ago.  I walked in and the employees remembered me.  Within 10 minutes, they fixed all four corners for $5.  Um hello!  This bag is going to last me another couple of years! 

Public Service Announcement:  SHOP LOCAL! 

Let’s get to the February 2020 No Spend recap:

Earlier this year I posted about having a list of 20 for 2020 items or mini resolutions for 2020.  Here is an update on my 20 for 2020 progress. 

  1. CREATE – My professional Theme for 2020
  2. Attend a meditation workshop
  3. Hike Lehigh Valley Gorges
  4. Hike World’s End
  5. Hike Ricketts Glen
  6. Write articles of inspiration and motivation weekly – On my way 😊
  7. Pay off car – On my way 😊
  8. Yoga on Times Square
  9. Run a race
  10. Develop a daily abdominal workout – It is 50 crunches or something abdominal related. 
  11. Find a new recipe for breakfast – Found a migraine avoiding (as best as possible) Blueberry Smoothie. 
  12. Read 5 fiction books
    • The Body in Question by Jill Ciment
    • The Stylist Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon
    • City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
  13. Go to a car show
  14. Research compost methods to use at home – Not going to happen at my house
  15. Contribute max to Roth-IRA – On my way 😊
  16. Attend an author/podcast tour show – Schedule for By The Book podcast’s book launch/author/host event in NYC
  17. Take a photography class or learn from YouTube
  18. Zip Line
  19. Do the No Spend 2020 challenge – On my way 😊
  20. Plan a motorcycle day

In addition to the fun stuff in my 20 for 2020, another goal was to not shop.  Did I follow my rules in February? 

Nope.  I bought a gray sweater for $9.53.  I have been hunting for a gray sweater (because I had no sweaters) for close to a year now and found a steal on eBay.  The other purchase was cushioned, arch support slides to wear at home for $50.  I finally went to see a physical therapist for plantar fasciitis and was told not to walk barefoot around my house under any circumstance. 

Do I regret these two purchases?  NO!  The gray sweater is perfect to stay cozy during a weekend date and the slides were basically medically necessary to heal and relieve pain. 

How much did I save?  I contributed the expected amount to my Roth-IRA (33% of my savings goal).  I paid extra on my car (66% of my savings goal). 

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