Slow Sunday

Actually this weekend has been all things slow. I just love when you slow roast some thing in the oven that takes a couple of hours. You can’t run out. You just have to be home and enjoy the aromas.

I made my first pot roast today.  It was delicious.   Mr. BMM and I sat down for lunch with little conversation because we devoured the pot roast. Then we settled on the couch to relax.

Later this afternoon it was furbaby time where I promised him a short walk and a long ride. He is getting a little older and a little slower but he loves going for walks. Why short change him with a short walk and a short ride? Maybe I was inspired by the book I just finished about living in the moment because this moment will never happen again.

Our little guy and I walked around our local state park. Then we found a cozy spot in the sun to sit, read, and get belly rubs (I never get any!). That was followed by ice cream, dropping off books at the library, filled up the car with gas, and taking the long way home.

Usually when the sun goes down I get sleepy. Tonight is different. Maybe the fresh air or slow pace helped. Either way, I wish you a good night and a great upcoming week.

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