Challenge from My Local Library

Part of my 20 for 2020 goals is to read at least 5 fiction books.  If you look back at my prior blog posts or read about my top books that spark joy, you can see that I tend to read more self-improvement/ minimalism books.  With a little help from my local library, I should exceed my fiction reading book goal this year. 

Why?  They have a READING CHALLENGE! 

My local library put together a list of 50 books from the Goodreads Best Books of 2019.  The challenge started in January and ends November 30th.    They put together a little booklet that you write down title, author, date you finished the book, and left a space for some comments and star rating.  Bonus, they are giving you credit for books you previously read!  For example, I read Rachel Hollis last summer.  I can add that book to this year’s reading challenge. 

Thrilled to be part of this reading challenge with my local library.  There are even prizes for those that complete the challenge. 

Will you join the reading challenge?  Do you have any recommendations from the Goodreads Best Books of 2019 list? 

3 thoughts on “Challenge from My Local Library

  1. I liked The Silent Patient, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Two Can Keep A Secret. I didn’t like The Mother-In-Law, Inheritance. I want to read No One’s Home. I’m on the wait list for American Predator, Know My Name, The Five. Those are the ones I know about from the Goodreads 2019 list.

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    1. I was going to do the audio book of the Five and I am waiting for the Silent Patient to become available at my local library.

      City of Girls was amazing. That’s on the list too.


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