Book Review: Phyllis Diller’s Housekeeping Hints


Five star all the way!

Who this book is for?Β  Those that think that they must keep a magazine worthy home.Β  Those that think rain or sunshine are always reasons to clean.Β  Those who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed doing all the things.Β  Those who think their household chore list is off balance.Β  Anyone who grew up with a nut job that tried to glamorize Cinderella (pre-Prince charming).Β 

What I learned?Β  If your kitchen sink is dirty, keep piling in the dishes.Β  Entertain at night so that nobody expects to see through your dusty and dirty windows.Β  Truthfully, it taught me to let go off the glamorize and completely bullshit Cinderella narrative.Β 

This book might be hard to find since it was published in 1966.  I was able to borrow it through my library after they located across the state.  The book took me less than 2 hours to complete and I loved every page of it! 

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Happy Reading!

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