2020 Theme: Slow Applies to the Gym

Last year I suffered quiet a few running injuries throughout the year. After reminiscing with my trainer, I explained my 2020 theme of SLOW. My intentions aren’t to run SLOW but rather take my time building up my running base.

For the first three or four months of the year, my goal is to run 3 miles 3 times a week. It’s baby steps compared to my prior weeks of running 17 to 18 miles a week. But honestly my goal is to stay strong and fit. I am not an Olympic runner or former track star. I won’t be winning races.  I am 37 and just want to be in the best shape of my life.

Am I selling myself short by not pushing myself? Nope. I am going slow and steady to build a strong body and mind. I am better able to deal with the bullshit life throws at me when I keep a consistent workout plan. I am better able to accept change. I am able to roll with the punches as they say when I workout.  I am sleeping better.

I am going SLOW to go fast.

running field during daytime

2 thoughts on “2020 Theme: Slow Applies to the Gym

  1. Have you tried slow jogging? It’s a real thing by Professor Hiroaki Tanaka. Every time I kept trying to jog and build up to running my knee would start hurting as soon as I added a little more but I’ve been able to slow jog without issue.


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