My Battle With The Cable Company: Do I really need internet?

Ugg. Just received the most recent cable and internet bill. Our cable company just hiked up our bill another 8% this past month with an increase in their random “fees”. I swear they increase the charges and then later take away favorite channels. There has to be a better way! They increased the “broadcasting fee” 50%. They are charging me 50% more for the free TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS. Free. Yes, those channels are free with an antenna. There is a 20% increase for a franchise fee. Equipment fee had a 50% increase and then when I questioned the customer service rep she stated that I could just ditch the equipment and stream their cable through my TV. WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE SAY THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Am I the only one wanting to scream when they get their cable and internet bill each month?

Do I really need cable and the internet or have I totally lost my mind?

What happened back in the 1990’s when AOL took forever to load? Or you couldn’t use the internet because someone was on the phone? Did anyone actually die because you couldn’t get on instant messenger? NOOOOO! Nobody died. We survived another day without checking our mail. We got caught up on the latest gossip in homeroom if we couldn’t get on instant messenger. We didn’t need internet then but now we can’t seem to live without it.

white and black camera on top of brown wooden table

Now the thought of just ditching cable has me feeling all weird. I remember having to get off the couch to change the channel. I remember a time without cable. Yes I was young but I still remember it. It was a time when Blockbuster’s motto was “Be Kind, Rewind.” You could only go so far away from the kitchen while talking on the phone. Life seemed to move slower. And it probably cost a lot less money and stress. FOMO just wasn’t really a thing.

black rotary telephone

If I ditched the internet plan, does that mean I went rogue? Are their humans out there in a first world country without cable or internet? I bet there are some humans without cable or internet and they are completely free and happy as could be. But the reality is this: I relax by writing or reading a book. My honey relaxes by zoning out on TV. I cannot take away his method of relaxing. It just isn’t fair to do to him. BUT I can find a way to reduce the cost.

After doing some searching, I found an antenna to get those FREE TV channels. The new antenna came highly rated on Amazon and cost $10. Next up is to confirm that it really works.

If the antenna works, the next step is finding a cheap plan for just internet. We already have Amazon Prime for shipping items in lower quantity and often times at low amounts, free music streaming, and so I see Amazon Prime as an expense we would have regardless (maybe someday I will be questioning that too). Would you get HULU or Sling or Netflix? Have you tried Straight Talk’s WiFi hot spot service? Is Verizon internet good? Why do cable providers have “special” territories?

Have you cut the cord with cable? What do you use? How did you do it? Are you living under a rock or with the rest of the humans?

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6 thoughts on “My Battle With The Cable Company: Do I really need internet?

  1. internet is through frontier (fios) use to be verizon. it is also bundled with my phone (land line) as i need this for my satellite tv connection. i prefer the directv to fios for the selections. my smartphone is through verizon. yes it my cost a bit more, but i rarely have connection issues no matter where i go. when my contract is up and i get a new phone, i may look at google fi since i most likely will continue to have a google pixel phone.
    i like having the internet as im always doing searches, etc. besides…if no internet, no WP and then i would have never known about you. 😉

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      1. i really do not have any big issues with verizon/frontier. i rarely get disruption of service on the internet. my verizon phone service has been very good and i usually still have service when friends have drop service with other phone companies. it is more expensive than the others.


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