From Clutter and Over Consumption to Simple and Minimalist

Back to my first full work week since before the holidays and my headphones have been working in overdrive. I stumbled across some of the most beautiful and amazing podcasts about minimalism this week. Since I am a recovering shop-a-holic, listening to podcasts about decluttering and minimalism help me keep my old behaviors in check. Maybe I am the type that needs a gentle reminder of the benefits of my new life with less stuff and more experiences. Or maybe I just love my new life and want to keep surrounding myself with more of the same. Either way, I am staying a minimalist.

At work. My co-workers love to shop. They are great people just with different values. It’s cool. At home. My pup certainly doesn’t care about the decorations or things unless it’s treats. He LOVES treats! My husband supports the minimalist in me because if he was in charge of decorating we might not actually have more than a couch in the house (he’s not a big shopper or design guy). Friends. They are all doing their thing that it best for them. My family. They design and shop to create their own personal museums. It’s cool as long as they don’t want me to help them clean! No, really!

When we are fully alert in spirit, mind, and body, we are more than we imagine and can accomplish more than we suppose. – Barbara Holmes

Maybe if I had more self proclaimed minimalists around me it would turn into a competition. Maybe. Maybe. Ok, it would be a full blown competition over the correct number of forks. (I say the correct number is just enough to fill up a dishwasher, but that’s me). I keep begging others to let me help them declutter. I’ve got nothing left to declutter and I really want to toss stuff. It calms me and pumps me up.

The benefits that I have experienced by becoming a more minimalist person have blown me away. I am more calm. I have less decision fatigue. I have more space to be. I have time to make my own cleaning products. I actually use my homemade cleaning products. I can see both sides of an argument. I argue less. I listen more. I have less time for drama. I do more for our environment. I notice more.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Will Rogers

House Hacks

Make your own cleaning products. Don’t roll your eyes. This stuff works! Last weekend I cleaned the bathroom with commercial cleanser. My husband opened up all of the windows in the middle of winter and announced that the fumes were horrible. One benefit of a stuffy nose, I had no idea. But I took his announcement as a push to find an alternative. Wellness Mama‘s got it! It’s baking soda, washing soda (Arm & Hammer makes it) and salt. I followed the directions for use and it blew my mind. It really worked!

I did assign my husband the task of drilling holes into a mason jar lid for this project. Look, don’t do it. The lid rusts in the dishwasher. The holes have sharp edges. And if you drop it in the shower you have a huge mess on your hands. This might be one of the rare times I am going to say, use plastic.

Next time I mop the floors, I am going to use one of the recipes below. These recipes include ingredients like vinegar, water, essential oils, Castile soap, and baking soda.

Looks like I need to start shopping bulk baking soda and vinegar! I dump vinegar in the washer when there are some stinky, sweaty clothes as well as place glass jars with vinegar to clean the puppy fart smells (I swear his farts are the worst!).

What Has Been In My Ears?

Wannabe Minimalism Podcast – I wish I knew how I found this podcast but I am so thrilled I found it. On Episode 11 – Mindsets Keeping Your Home Messy, got into the mental side of decluttering. I love hearing about how others got to the point of becoming minimalist so I also listened to Episode 2 – Our Journey to Minimalism as a Family.

Maximized Minimalist Podcast – Hello to Katy! She is amazing. Regardless if you have children or not, ladies! you really need to listen to this podcast. I listened to a couple episodes. In no particular order, here they are.

  • Episode 000: How Minimalism Saved my Motherhood
  • Episode 002: How Doing This ONE Thing Will 10X Your Chance Of Success At Anything In Life
  • Episode 001: The REAL Definition Of Minimalism
  • Episode 004: How Clutter Can Cause Anxiety – And What To Do About It
  • Episode 038: Decluttering Your Mind: Digital Distractions

I felt that Katy reinforced the things I already knew like ditching the phone and that minimalism really does make me calmer.

Sustainable Minimalist PodcastDonating’s Dark Side: Where Do Goodwill Donations Go? Ouch. Talk about an eye opener.

“Between 1967 and 2017, the amount Americans spent annually on stuff increased nearly twenty-fold. And while some items will be recycled into new goods or given to others in need, the vast majority of our unwanted stuff is destined for landfills.”

Sustainable Minimalist Podcast Episode 105

Sometimes you just need to hear the tough stuff to realize that by shopping less and being more minimalist you get to help the planet even more. I cannot fund planting a million trees, but if I use less resources it makes me feel better. This led me into the next two podcast episodes.

Minimal-ish Podcast – Found this gem while listening to the Frugal Friend’s Podcast. Desirae was on Episode 89 of the Frugal Friends Podcast where she discussed letting going of material possession to save money. Jen, Jill, and Desirae nailed it!

“Combating the desire for material possessions is crucial in our ‘debt-payoff and other financial goals’ journey! And it’s this desire for ‘stuff’ that is really at the heart of impulse spending and can be such a barrier to seeing real shifts in our budgets.”

Frugal Friends Podcast Episode 89

Getting back to the Minimal-ish Podcast with Desirae, I don’t have a method to starting new podcasts so I downloaded Episode 60Shopping Secondhand First + Where to Donate Your Stuff – The How to of Successful Thrifting without Wasting Your Time with Kat Steck and got to listening. I love shopping second hand. Truthfully if you told me that I would be doing it 5 years ago, I would have suggested that you got your head checked. When something needs to be replaced, I go to ThredUp. I don’t have the time or patience or interest to drive around to multiple consignment/thrift stores. ThredUp always has my signature black dress for my work uniform. I have to give this episode 5 stars. It totally resonated with me.

Shopping ThredUp: Check out my referral link. You save $10 and I receive a $10 credit.

What Do I Smell Cooking?

Funny how I can’t smell cleanser but put something into the oven or crock pot and my nose works! This week I am making another keto/paleo/grain free/dairy free/sugar free version of pulled pork in the crockpot.

  • 1 pound pork butt (according to the butcher a pork butt is also known as a pork shoulder)
  • 1/2 lime juiced
  • oregano, cumin, and garlic powder

^^^ That is literally it. Add more pork, then add in more lime juice and seasonings. Place the pork into a crock pot, sprinkle the seasonings over top (don’t go minimalist on the seasoning), and then pour the lime juice over top. Cook on low for 8 hours.

Which Book Do I have my Nose in This Week?

Image result for stylist takes manhattan

Just finished The Body in Question by Jill Ciment and Hillary Hubar. I gave it 4 stars. The book sucked me in, took me along the roller coaster of the trial and love affair but left me wondering if they got the wrong twin.

Sine last weeks book, got really dark, really quick at the end, I started The Stylist Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon. I love that it is written by a Brit!

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

Henry David Thoreau
brown tortoise on brown sand

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