Slow, Snow, and Insanity

What a week. I found myself grocery shopping slowly as I listened to The Slow Home Podcast episode, Busy and slow – can they co-exist? Usually I like to take in all of the sights and sounds of the grocery store. I truly enjoy the experience. However, I felt a bit overwhelmed this week so I popped in my ear buds and shopped. I came home relaxed.

Then we had the most beautiful snow storm this week. This picture doesn’t do it justice. I took it in the morning while the sun was rising far above the clouds. The snow rested on every tree branch. It was like Hallmark Christmas movie perfect!

Then the insanity hit. Make puppy calendars? Sure but where is July? Do I send Christmas cards or not? OK I am sending Christmas cards. Now I have to go to the store and pick them up. Did I really get all of the gifts I intended to buy? Nope. Ordered the last gift and hope I get it soon enough to ship it out with the other gifts. With two busy weekends back to back, I am going to be completely unavailable next weekend. Yes, completely and utterly unavailable. The reality is that I still do have a couple items already scheduled. However, I am saying no to time requests for a solid 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.

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  • What am I reading?
  • House Hack
  • Random Stuff

hanging snowflakes paper decor

“The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”

— Carl Honoré

Best Podcasts of the Week

Lazy Genius podcast this week episode, How to be Happy with the Gifts you Give.

#134 How To Be Happy With the Gifts You Give

Give a gift that makes the recipient

feel more like themselves!

Yes! 👈 this is absolutely 💯% true!

The amazing and beautiful author of Soulful Simplicity and creator of Project 333, Courtney Carver, and her daughter started a podcast, Soul & Wit. They dropped 5 episodes last week and will come out with a new episode each Monday. I binge listened to it all. Amazing!

Image result for soul and wit podcast

On The Slow Home Podcast I mentioned earlier, this week’s episode got me thinking about putting my website writing on hold. Like Brooke discussed with her guest, I can slow down just a bit. I love to write. But the reality is that I cannot be burned out for my day job.

The Slow Home Podcast

I cannot be burned out for my family. I cannot be burned out for me. I can miss the Christmas light adventures to write but the Christmas light adventures will only last for a short time. I will be taking a three week break from my websites and will return in the new year.

Can you live slow if you’re someone who enjoys being busy? What if you’re a Type A, go-getter? Or someone who prides themselves on setting goals and kicking them every single time?

What’s Cooking

Paleo Gnocchi. I completely skip the sea salt in the recipe. If you wanted to use white potatoes, here are the ingredients:

  • 2 cups mashed potatoes
  • 1.5 cups almond flour
  • 1.5 cups tapioca starch
  • 1 egg

My Special Vodka Sauce

I make homemade vodka sauce and I don’t measure much. Here is my best attempt to write it down for you.

  1. Crush a couple cloves of garlic and brown in butter. Do this all in a pot because we are going to layer the ingredients.
  2. Add one large can of tomato sauce (about 25-30 ounce can works). Stir until it starts to bubble. This is not a sauce that you rush so keep the burner on low.
  3. Next add in vodka. I would say about 1-2 shot glasses but you judge based upon who is going to eat it and how you want the meal to go.
  4. Allow the vodka to cook off (or sort of cook off, again go back to step #3).
  5. Slowly add in heavy cream (one of the small containers). Keep stirring and adding until the sauce is a nice light red/pink color. Once the sauce has some bubbles it is ready to serve.

I will freeze extra sauce in mason jars. Let the sauce defrost in the fridge, then heat it up by slowly warming it in a pot on the stove top.

What am I reading?

Looking to wrap up three more books before the end of the year.

  1. Super Attractor: Manifest the Life You Want by Gabrielle BernsteinSuper Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  2. Quiet Don: the Untold Story of Mafia Kinpin Russel Bufalino by Matt Birkbeck – This is about Russell Bufalino in the new Netflix movie, The Irishman Image result for quiet don bufalino
  3. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Look for a book review recap in 2020!

House Hack

Schedule Reminders.

  • Twice a year I go through all of our medicine, pull out expired medicine, and replace.
  • Once a year I check passports, licenses, etc. It is always easier to renew than start from the beginning.
  • Once a year I go through all of the food, checking for expired items, and wiping down the inside of the cabinets. If something is going to expire soon, challenge yourself to use it before it expires.

Do you schedule any reminders?

Create Adventures.

purple and red string lights

Our little family piles into the car with hot chocolate and tea to drive around different towns to check out Christmas lights. It is a little holiday tradition that we started last year. Our pup sticks his head out the window and loves to take in all of the sights and smells. My husband and I pretend as if we are on a TV show explaining the houses and judging the decorations.

I love this holiday tradition because it does not cost much. You do not need to be dressed a certain way (sweat pants, yoga pants, messy hair, etc. are the best!). You can make hot chocolate and tea at home or go without. Rather than sitting around the house because the sun went down around 4:30 pm, it is a fun way to get out and enjoy the sites.

Do you have any holiday adventures planned?

Random Stuff

Looking forward to more nights of looking at Christmas lights.

Making daily yoga happen even when the days are nuts.

Committing to watch The Christmas Story completely uninterrupted.

bokeh photography of colorful lights

Wishing you a wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful holiday season. I will be back in 2020!