Oh Black Friday, What Fresh Hell You Are… or How I am Thriving this Week

We are in Thanksgiving week here in the United States.  I can feel the insanity in the air.  I call it Crazy Hell.  I am trying to be slow and intentional this week by not get caught up in the insanity.

However, I am totally looking forward to my personal Black Friday tradition.  I grocery shop in the early morning of Black Friday.  I wake up early, get to Wegman’s about 30 minutes after they open, and enjoy having the store to myself.  The employees are busy baking breads, the store is calm, and I enjoy grocery shopping without a crowd!

Christmas presents this year are intentional and thoughtful.  My husband and I mapped out our Christmas shopping list so if it is not on the list it is not being bought!  The gifts are experiences or supplies for experiences.  We both know who is taking point on the each gift.  I feel totally in control of the spending that use to spiral out of control in prior years.

Now how do I handle the latest email from a coworker telling me to shop and donate for local charities that are not part of my budget?  I do donate to charities that are near and dear to my heart.  The charities that were selected at work are very important, but do not make my personal list.  Maybe that is the answer.

  • Best Podcasts of the Week
  • What’s Cooking
  • What am I reading?
  • House Hack
  • Random Stuff

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” ― Confucius

Best Podcasts of the Week

Gretchen Rubin jumped right into an issue that has bugged me for years.  Why do people feel the need pressure me into eating or drinking?  Answer: the issue more about the person doing the pressuring than me.  My response to the pressure is simply I am allergic to blah blah but it sure looks great.  How do you respond?  If you are the person who is usually trying to pressure someone to try a dessert or drink, please reconsider.

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”

– Oscar Wilde

Check out the following for inspiration, motivation, and peace for your Thanksgiving and Black Friday week.

What’s Cooking

Homemade cranberry sauce!  I skip the salt, cloves, and orange zest in this recipe.  I found that the cranberries this year are a little more bitter/tart than in previous years.  For the rest of this season’s cranberry sauce batches, I plan to add more honey than what the recipe states.  Maybe an extra 1/4 cup.  This sauce cans very well if you were looking for a homemade gift to give.  I had cranberry sauce that was over a year old and it tasted like it was just made.  Be sure to add a note for the recipient to return the jar for you to refill in the future since canning jars are expense.

For canning I use the boiling hot water method aka Water Bath Canning.  Easy and did not require me to purchase anything extra.

Besides the cranberry sauce, I am roasting turkey with two different roasted veggie sides.  It is what we do for Thanksgiving!

What am I reading?

Slow by Brooke McAlery talked about relapsing with clutter. Her and her husband decluttered just to fill their house back up with newer versions of stuff they thought they needed. This stopped the cycle when they decided to de-own.

What worked for me was to declutter and then move into my no spend year. Which is working remarkably well since I now have an emergency fund, paying my car off at a crazy rate, and I am contributing to my retirement. The old me never would have had one let allow all three of these things happening.

This book helped me see that my zig zag path to my current state is normal and that I am on the right path for me. If you need a little reassurance or a peaceful book to read, check it out!

House Hack

I am taking a Thanksgiving lunch to my husband and his co-workers. That means lunch is served at 10am! Could I roast a turkey myself? Sure. Do I think I could have it ready by 9:30am? Absolutely not. I outsourced the whole meal to Wegman’s. The store will be making the turkey and all of the sides. I just need to follow their easy re-heat instructions and they will be eating a beautiful lunch at 10am.

This hack is meant to give you freedom. Freedom from the shoulds, coulds, and woulds. Do what feels right for you. Do what fills you up. Do what you have capacity for.

Random Stuff

Running at sunset watching to street lights come on and enjoying all of it.

Falling asleep while snuggling my furbaby.

Loving the smell of freshly made cranberry sauce.

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” ― Plato

One thought on “Oh Black Friday, What Fresh Hell You Are… or How I am Thriving this Week

  1. i think there is a frozen turkey breast by jenny-o, which you take out of one bag and throw it into the oven, frozen and inside an other bag, and it cooks up nicely. and of course there is stove top stuffing. and that is how i do a holiday turkey. 🙂

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