Hello Self Care Rockstar!

The stars aligned this week to give me a very clear message. FOCUS ON SELF CARE! It was self care from podcasts. Self care from a book. Self care from yoga. Self care. Self care. Self care. Okay Universe, I got it!

My self care focus started this past weekend when I challenging myself to practice yoga just a little bit longer. I took my daily practice from 15 minutes to 30-45 minutes each morning. My hips opened up a little bit more. My spine felt a little more flexible. And I made it to work early every morning despite still waking up at the same time. Impressive actually.

Then my self care focus brought me back to my 15/45 theory of doing easy, short little tasks for 15 minutes. Followed by 45 minutes focused on a single task at work. This 15/45 theory helps to ground and focus me. At work, I start off by going through emails for 15 minutes and scheduling time for those emails that require a little bit more effort. At home, I walk around our house picking up any of the loose ends. Then when I get to the 45 minutes for a single task I can sit and write or complete a project with a clear mind.

Then I started a new morning tradition on days that my husband starts work later than I do. Since on those days I am usually up about 2-3 hours before he gets up, my new morning tradition now begins with me sending him a cute text. I now schedule the questions and information texts mid-morning. I use to fire of questions and information at him the second he got up. We are only on day 4 of this new tradition and things are running a lot more smoothly.

  • Best Podcasts of the Week
  • What’s Cooking
  • What am I reading?
  • House Hack
  • Random Stuff

Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. – George Herbert


Best Podcasts of the Week

For better or for worse, the holiday craze starts on November first. (Think: Christmas commercials. Christmas trees in stores. Holiday

Sustainable Minimalist podcast this week featured… you guessed it… SELF CARE practices! Self care is literally in the title!


You just have to listen to this episode if you want a calmer and more relaxed holiday season or just life in general.

You know I love the Frugal Friend’s podcast and the Spark Joy podcast. Well my world collided in my ears this week. Spark Joy podcast had Jen Smith (one half of the Frugal Friends) on their show this week!

Ep 110 | Modern Frugality with Jennifer Smith Show Notes:

Jen Smith author and creator of modernfrugality.com explores how to follow your journey to paying off debt and reaching other big financial goals.

Jen Smith co-hosts the Frugal Friends Podcast and author of Amazon best-selling book, “The No-Spend Challenge Guide” and latest book “Pay Off Your Debt for Good.”

Since I really wanted to keep my focus on self care, I finally listened to Simplify’s episode with Dan Harris. I read his book 10% Happier and I loved it! I know his story. But hearing it again was just the refresher I needed to really get this whole self care thing done this week.

What’s Cooking

Weekend breakfasts. During the work week, we never have time to sit down at the same time and enjoy breakfast together. Now that is officially really cold outside, I am bringing back the weekend breakfast tradition. This weekend features the following:

  • Maple sausage
  • Keto pumpkin bread toasted with a little honey or maple syrup drizzled
  • Scrambled eggs or omlets
  • Orange juice

Not looking to win a cooking contest with this menu but just looking to have a full belly, funny stories, and a good morning together.

Note on the pumpkin bread: Consider cooking it a little bit longer than the recipe stated. I found that it needs a little bit more time than 50-60 minutes to bake.

What am I reading?

Ok, I am still on The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less by Tonya Dalton! I promise to finish it up before my next post but my goodness this book is so juicy and delicious and full of such love, SELF CARE, and brilliant ideas. I literally used an Amazon gift card to purchase this book because I am expanding my Top 10 Books that Spark Joy to 11 Books!

Image result for joy of missing out tonya dalton

Have you ever thought about having a Priority List instead of a To Do List? Um yeah! Exactly. Mind blowing! I am now only having a Priority List. Let’s be honest, if it isn’t a Priority to me, it just isn’t getting done no matter how big or bright or the number of times I write it, it just isn’t getting done (yes I am a Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies Questioner 100% with a major side of Rebel!).

House Hack

Do you have any traditions that you love around the holidays? If you said yes, then you need to embrace the thought of having a routine in your daily life. Think about it, you brush your teeth every day. There is no debate about if you should do it or not. Then why is there a debate if you should drink enough water, go for a walk, work out, eat healthfully, etc? Just read The Joy of Missing Out and you will totally get me on this one.

Random Stuff

Enjoying the sparkling snow under the clear and full moon sky.

Wondering what on earth takes my pup so long in deciding where to do his business. It is 12 degrees out little dude!

Hoping to learn how to transfer my current blog posts to my new website!


The problem with patience is that we never know how much we have until we run out of it. – Anonymous

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