Oh Fall Dinners… I Missed You

Have you ever had your house fill up with delicious smells from what you were cooking in the oven only to have to wait until it’s ready? I am literally bundled up and typing this blog post from my front porch. It’s about 45 degrees, sunshine, and a light breeze but I CANNOT wait until the pulled pork is done! It started to fill up the kitchen with its delightful smells about 15 minutes into the cooking process!

Halloween pictures happened this weekend. Late but happened. Our little guy does not care. He was a nerd with a legit pocket protector!

We all took advantage of the extra hour of sleep this past weekend. Call me old. I don’t care. I love sleep! Everyone woke up feeling a little bit more refreshed.

  • Best Podcasts of the Week
  • What’s Cooking
  • What am I reading?
  • House Hack
  • Random Stuff


Giving thanks constantly and in all circumstances liberates us from envy. – Edward Hays

Best Podcasts of the Week

I have been going back to the beginning of the Vibe Tribe podcasts. While I wish nobody else had to go through the gut issues and allergies issues that I did, it was comforting to know that it wasn’t just me with leaky gut, candida, food allergies, gut problems, and IBS (just to name a few). If you struggle with your digestive system or think something might be off, I encourage you to check out the following episodes.

These ladies are totally killing it!

Since this blog is the Beautiful Minimal Millennial, please tell me that you remember Lavar Burton on Reading Rainbow! OMG!!! He was on By the Book Podcast last week and I was totally psyched to hear his voice, his love of self help books, and his adult life that I could now sort of relate to since we are both over 20 years old.

Image result for by the book podcast episode levar burton

Lavar Burton even has his own podcast where he reads short stories! AHH I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! Looking forward to listening to his podcasts, Levar Burton Reads, next week.

Image result for by the book podcast episode levar burton

What’s Cooking

Pulled pork bowls! I actually skipped lunch (I ate two peaches for lunch) just so that I had room for this dinner!


  • Base: Mashed bake sweet potatoes. Followed by sauteed kale and peppers in avocado oil

    • While the pulled pork was cooking, I baked the sweet potatoes. I started them at the same time I started the pulled pork. You will need to check the progress of the sweet potatoes. They do take a little bit longer than regular white potatoes.
    • Picked up some little red, orange, and yellow peppers. Sliced them into strips. I heated up the avocado oil on medium heat. Once the peppers started to get soft, I added in a bag of kale (the organic kale from Aldi is the best in my area) with a little bit of water (probably 2 ounces) and covered the pan. The goal is to soften and wilt the kale. I would recommend stirring the kale and peppers periodically.
  • Protein: Pulled pork

    • Check out my recipe from last week.
  • Dressing: Fresh squeezed lime juice and avocado oil

    • I used about a half a lime for each bowl and drizzled the avocado oil over the bowl. I like using avocado oil because it’s a great fat without much of a taste. Around my area, Aldi has the best price.
  • Toppings: Toasted almond slices with date sugar and goat cheese

    • Spray avocado oil over raw sliced almonds. Sprinkle with date sugar. Spread the almond slices over a sheet pan and toast. I was able to pick up the raw sliced almonds from the bulk foods section and saved a bunch since I only got what I needed.

This recipe isn’t 100% paleo or keto but it is 100% grain free, lactose free (if you tolerate goat cheese or leave it out of the bowl), and gluten free! I was full. Thank goodness we had a family walk date planned for after dinner.

What am I reading?

Back to the simple and minimalist books I go. As the holidays near, I need the constant reminder that it’s ok to say no and it’s ok to take care of myself first. This weekend I picked up Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley and Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton. These books will follow after my current book Lighgtly.


Lightly by Francine Jay does have a similar vibe to the other decluttering books. Her tone is soft and supportive. More to come once I finish this book.

Image result for lightly by francine jay

House Hack

Recently I needed to replace my water bottles. The plastic taste started to leach into my water. I ordered two 20 ounce glass bottles on Amazon for about $20 in total. The struggle that I needed to deal with was drinking enough water. Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean that you should drink less water. The plastic water bottles were 30 ounces so I would drink about 3-4 of them each day. In order to create an easy and free way to measure and monitor my water consumption, I started marking how many times I filled up the water bottle. I use a sharpie marker to mark the glass part of the bottle with each fill up. With a little water and scrubbing, the sharpie marker comes off.


Random Stuff

Loving the nerd Halloween costume on my furbaby! He literally sits until I set down my camera. He knows the drill. Look cute, sit like a good boy, and the treats will start flowing. P.S. he is sitting with all of my top ten joy sparking and favorite books of all time!


Bundling up for a run and enjoying every step I take!

Practicing gratitude by listing 3 things each night that I am thankful for each night before I fall asleep.


Forgive yourself, you are not perfect.

Show yourself grace; you are still learning.

Show yourself patience; you are on a journey.

– Anonymous

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