Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Skipping the nail salon and getting outside for a hike was a priority this weekend. Our niece want to go get her nails done, but you all know I am on a no spend year. Instead I offered to do take out salad and a hike. It was a total success!

I have been focusing on manifesting some pretty big and sort of scary future plans recently. I started 2019 with some goals but not clear on how I was going to make it happen. Let’s just say that great things will happen before the end of this year! And it started in 2017 when I deleted Facebook and Instagram. I guess you could call 2017 the year I started to detox. Also in 2017 I hired a personal trainer to get my physically body stronger. Then in 2018 I completed the physical space detox with The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Finally, 2019 is my year of not dealing with the drama or mental and physical junk. Sarah Knight’s No Fucks Given Guides have been instrumental in refocusing myself on things that matter, while the Vibe Tribe Wellness podcast has kept me focused on manifesting my goals and dreams, and I continue meditating.

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Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message. – Steve Irwin

Best Podcasts of the Week

One of my favorite podcasts, By The Book, is going to have its own book written by the beautiful, brilliant, and badass ladies, Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg! The book comes out March 2020 and titled How To Be Fine: What We Learned From Living By The Rules of 50 Self-Help Books.

I already recommended this book to two of my electronic libraries since I will likely continue my no shopping year another year (this puts me closer to the top of the list). But here is the link in case you want to pre-order.

The podcast episode that moved me the most this week comes from Simplify and their interview with Susan Cain. I was forced into an open concept hell of an office and by Friday each week I feel drained and depleted. The office is visually loud (we have an office hoarder that over decorates for everything and takes over your space if you give her an inch). After listening to this episode I realized that I am not the only one suffering so I started leaving for lunch to find peace and calmness.

Show Notes: In this episode of Simplify, Susan Cain discusses the ways in which introverts and extroverts react differently to stimulation and why we often overlook the strengths of introverts. Giving introverts permission to be themselves not only makes them feel better, it can unlock their potential. With a few simple tweaks, schools and workplaces can create an environment in which introverts are better able to use their unique strengths to benefit everybody.

“The magic thing that I have heard over and over again is that the more introverts feel entitled to be who they are and proud of being who they are, the more paradoxically successful and comfortable they are performing outward-facing jobs.” Susan Cain

This episode of Simplify packs a quiet punch. Susan Cain reveals what sets introverts apart, why our culture mistakenly views leadership as synonymous with extroversion and the powerful ways in which we can all benefit from seeing more introverts in leadership positions.

What’s Cooking

Pumpkin Bread! So PSL isn’t my thing but pumpkin bread sure is and thanks to the paleo keto crew I can finally have some! This bread is so good that my husband and I devoured a whole loaf in a single day! It took about 10 minutes from prep to clean up. I love toasting a couple slices at a time. Check it out!

Paleo Keto Pumpkin Bread Recipe

I skipped the salt (thank you Poppy for high blood pressure) and vanilla extract (cannot find a corn free version). But honestly nothing was lacking. I am going to make more of this bread again!

What am I reading?

The beautiful and brilliant genius, Courtney Carver, and developer of Project 333 is coming out with a new book in March 2020! Like the other book, I already recommended this book to two of my electronic libraries since I will likely continue my no shopping year another year. But here is the link in case you want to pre-order. Courtney is the one who inspired me to maintain my smaller wardrobe without feeling weird. Hello signature black dress!

Sarah Knight’s You Do You: How to Be Who You Are and Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want is absolutely, incredibly, amazing. It has helped me say no to stuff I really don’t care to do and not feeling bad. I plan to decline a meeting that was scheduled outside of my normal work schedule. I might feel bad for a short period but honestly I don’t care.

House Hack

Decide to deal with a nagging chore without nagging your spouse, partner, family, or roommates. My nagging chore was dishes in the sink when I left for work because I despise coming home to a mess. This also means that the dishwasher needs to run and be emptied regularly.

Now I never nagged my husband. I likely pointed out to him that I love having a place for my breakfast dishes besides the sink and moved on. In the beginning, I took on the majority of the work. Now, it feels like a secretive competition between us to empty the washer and keep dishes out of the sink.

Adopting the “whoever is annoyed the most deals with it” mentality has worked brilliantly in our home.

Came across this lovely article about embracing fall.

Random Stuff

Reading on my front porch with a little light and enjoying the cooler weather.

Striking up conversations with strangers and sharing book recommendations.

Returning to three days of strength training a week and feeling stronger!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” L.M. Montgomery

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