Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

During the podcast episode of Go Help Yourself, they discussed Angela Duckworth's book titled Grit. The piece that hit me the hardest was about giving up on low level goals. For the Type A, overachiever that may reside within me (ok it does!), it feels weird and wrong to give up on a low level … Continue reading Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

Big Goals are Scary πŸ‘»

The beginning of my week felt like I was skipping in a field of wild flowers. Here is how I felt: Been practicing a daily yoga/ meditation/ gratitude for a couple of months now. Recently I have found myself watching drama but not getting sucked in. Or recognizing passive aggressive attitudes and be able to … Continue reading Big Goals are Scary πŸ‘»

Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Skipping the nail salon and getting outside for a hike was a priority this weekend. Our niece want to go get her nails done, but you all know I am on a no spend year. Instead I offered to do take out salad and a hike. It was a total success! I have been focusing … Continue reading Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread